Valerie June Out, Krayolas In At Leon's, Volcano

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Craig Hlavaty
Valerie June at SXSW
Win some, lose some. Pete Mitchell, owner of Under the Volcano and the recently reopened Leon's Lounge, just called to bemoan the fact that rising star Valerie June had cancelled her July 26 solo date at Leon's.

"She's doing a record with Dan Auerbach [Black Keys] and they start recording the following day, so she just thought she should cancel this one-off show," Mitchell reports. "She wants to reset the date, so we're hopeful she'll be doing a gig at Leon's after the record is ready."

Memphis native June drew major kudos at SXSW 2011, and industry expectations are running high for her first major release under Auerbach's direction.

Mitchell has been promoting solo shows in the back room at Leon's on Tuesdays for several months now. Last week's turnout for Ancient Cat Society, softer acoustic side project of Buxton's Sergio Trevino, was perhaps the largest crowd yet.

"We're learning as we go," says Mitchell. "We've just built a small portable stage to improve the visibility, and the sound has been great. We're trying to keep it simple but high quality."

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Meanwhile, Mitchell has booked smoking San Antonio rockers The Krayolas for Wednesday, July 27, at Under the Volcano. Lonesome Onry and Mean recently tapped their rocking album Tipsy Topsy Turvy as our favorite Texas disc of 2011 so far.

"That one just came up real fast," says Mitchell. "They're wanting to play Houston more and we happened to have that one Wednesday in our schedule to fill, so it worked out well for both sides."

The Krayolas, "Genuine"

The Krayolas, "1070 (Your Dirty Mexican)"

The Krayolas are a San Antonio rock and roll institution who strap some punk attitude onto the sounds of the Sir Douglas Quintet for a rock attack that is both totally modern yet unmistakably San Antonio in origin.

The Saldana brothers, Hector and David, are originally from Houston; Hector is also a music writer for the San Antonio Express-News.

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If you want to see the best band in America, come see The Krayolas at Under The Volcano! You won't be sorry!Chris C.

Jesse Belle
Jesse Belle

I'm riding in the back seat with these guys.

Hector Saldana, The Krayolas
Hector Saldana, The Krayolas

Thank you, Mike.  The Krayolas play Continental Club in Austin on Thursday (June 23) with singer-songwriter Michael Fracasso.  We're thrilled about coming into such a cool place in Houston.


Sucks she's not coming, but an album with Dan is more than a good reason to cancel. 

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