The Abortion Debate: Five Pro-Life Songs

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​In this time of great economic stress, high gas prices, mounting debt, and other sober financial concerns gripping the nation, it is only natural that many legislative debates across the nation are focused on abortion. And when we say it's only natural, we mean that it's hard to type while smacking yourself in the forehead with your good hand.

Still, the right to argue and debate is as fundamentally American as free speech, owning a handgun, or drinking cheap alcohol. Rocks Off isn't a qualified political commentator, so we've decided to let music fight this one out for us.

Here are five songs that, to varying degrees, come down on the pro-life side of the argument. Stay tuned for the pro-choice rebuttal tomorrow.

Qwel, "$19.99 A.D."

Chicago underground rapper Qwel penned this absolutely brutal pro-life song on 2001's If It Ain't Been in a Pawnshop, Then It Can't Play the Blues when he was only 19. In later years his view has softened some. "I look back on [the song] and I think, 'I was 19 and complaining about things I didn't know nothing about,'" he said in a 2007 interview with Pause magazine, "I don't think a 19-year-old man should do an abortion song. But I'm older now, I could not have known that then."

River City People, "Carry the Blame"

River City People was a folk-rock quartet from the '80s that scored a nice hit by covering "California Dreamin'." "Carry the Blame" was the single's B-side, and details the guilt of a woman over her abortion. Though not as preachy as some, the lyrics couldn't make the band's meaning any clearer than when they state, "We must be guilty of murder."

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You forgot DFA 1979's "Pull Out"

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