Saturday Night: Praia Urbana At Last Concert Cafe

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Photos by Matthew Keever
Praia Urbana
Last Concert Cafe
June 18, 2011

Saturday, the all-day electronic music festival Praia Urbana was held at Last Concert Café. From what Aftermath saw while we were there, it was pretty much a packed house.

Due to a previous commitment, we got there two hours before the party came to a close. Many people were winding down, but just as many were still going strong on the dance floors, while a few were recharging their batteries with cold beverages on the patio tables.

When we first walked in, Aftermath kind of thought it was a rave. Which, we suppose, it kind of was... minus some of raves' more unpleasant aspects and for a pretty steep $35 ticket.

praia june20 b.JPG
Like the crowds at Free Press Summer Fest a few weeks ago, plenty of concertgoers found interesting ways to beat the heat, mostly by taking off as many articles of clothing as they could. The festival's promoters and organizers put together water stations and a few sprinkler tents where people could cool off.

It wasn't Summer Fest, of course, but it wasn't supposed to be. Praia Urbana says it has boasted crowds of more than 1,500 people in the past, and Saturday night's festival may have reached that number again.

At least, that's what the dance floor felt like, as we tried to make our way through it to the restroom.

While the festival pegged itself as an electronica expose, there were a few reasons to visit even if you weren't into the whole "dance" thing. The first thing Aftermath noticed as we walked in was the wall near the back of the venue, which had been designated an art wall, of sorts - a blank canvas for a few graffiti artists to cover with whatever they saw fit.

By far, this was our favorite part of the evening.

Three artists (that we saw) contributed to the mural, but we assume that it had been in the process of being completed since the event started at 2 p.m. We kind of wish we had gotten there earlier. But then again, it was 100-something degrees, so we'll content ourselves with congratulating those who were strong enough to withstand the Houston heat and sun.

While dancing, nonetheless.

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Last Concert Cafe

1403 Nance St., Houston, TX

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It's 2012 any new articles? March 10 2012 Praia was absolutly the best one yet see u in the summer


these guys need to stop rape'n people for 35 bucks at the door!!!


Great write up! I am the one that helped organize the artists for the show. The two main artists are W3R3 and Info. I am curently setting them up as a package to do live art at all types of events. Contact me on Facebook James Mann with The Crew. Have to say big Thanks to Esteban Torres who made this happen!! And we love Praia Urbana!!

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