Houston Rappers Jump On Planking Craze

uzoy plank june30.JPG
Uzoy, our eighth-place planking finisher.
So "planking" is an actual thing now, it appears. Great.

Here's how you plank:

Lie flat on something. Take a picture of it. Post it on the Internet.

Here's how you plank in Houston:

Lie flat on something. Take a picture of it. Send it to Slim Thug on Twitter.

It started simply and quickly and should have been completely predictable: Seventy-two hours ago, Slim Thug began asking questions about planking.

Shortly thereafter, he started posting pictures. Others did too.

Now a Planking War has begun. Various members of the Houston rap community have, or are, participating. So we trolled the Internet for two hours last night looking for the eight best. They're below.

8. UZOY (Like the Gun) Planks SF2

What is one supposed to do when one is at an album listening party that has ended? Plank, of course. Good enough for 8th place.

mrrogers plank june30.jpg
7. DJ Mr. Rogers: Planking While Working

We're in the easy part of the list right now. More difficult as we go up.

devidev plank june30.jpg
6. Devi Dev from 97.9 The Box: Planking on a High-Ranking Radio Station Employee's Desk

Not a rapper, but close enough. The description says it all. Hopefully she doesn't get banned for her tomfoolery.

propain plank june30.jpg
5. You Say He Won't, Propain Says He Will

The thing that makes this one so funny is that Pro, perpetually scowling and typically aggravated looking, is in character entirely here. Look at his face. Planking is an inherently funny and amusing act, and he's no doubt giggling at bit at himself inside, but he looks pissed as shit. It's remarkable. He might be the only guy in town that could pull off an Angry Plank. Dangerous mind, indeed.

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Well, #2 and 3 got it right, the others are fakers.


This is the best article ever written. And oh yes, to the Bun B./Screwed Up Records & Tapes plank! But I would have given first place to Kane for the brilliance of his timing, incorporating the planking fad into the Trae concert, plus his superb execution for having a flat back and hands at his sides.


I ain't in the office today. If it's an emergency, hit me up at craig.hlavaty@gmail.com...

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