Our Ten Favorite Glenn Danzig Pictures

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Marc Brubaker
Today is Glenn Danzig's 56th birthday, and the former Misfits and Samhain frontman is as evil and cantankerous as ever as he stalks this cursed Earth, darkly reaping the senior discounts of the innocent. For a year now he has been able to buy black jeans and black shirts from Ross and Banana Republic at a savings of at least 10 percent, which if he hath partaken in, makes him a thrifty Evil Elvis if we must say.

We found the best ten or so shots of Danzig to celebrate this happiest and most grim of days, where he finds himself a year closer to the date unto which he will shake the hand of the demon that will drag him below to meet the Dark Lord's countenance and wage unholy combat with the fallen angel to get the best seat next to the buffet in Hades.

All photos via Tumblr
Mmm... devil's food!

Hanging with the Dark Prince of Comedy, Mr. Brian Posehn.

No connection really, except that it would make a real cool band.

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Chris D
Chris D

The Initium album cover...coolest Danzig pic EVER...

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