Motley Crue At Toyota Center: A Taste

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Photos by Jay Lee
Rocks Off had to run by the (rocks) office this afternoon, so we thought we'd post a few photos from Friday's Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls glamstravaganza at Toyota Center while we were up here, plus a few tweets from the show. See our full review, and more photos, tomorrow morning.

Oh man, Crue next. So many years waiting for this.

Live Wire. No frills but pyro.

Shout. At. The. Devil.

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I love how they never look like they are getting along. Seen so many terse grins these first few songs.

A bass with a horse jaw on it. Approved.

Tommy out front. Such a tiny man. IN STATURE.

He just said Houston had the first pair of titties on this Texas leg of the tour. We won Texas.

Massive metal hoop onstage. Tommy is bout to get vertical.

He's the Crue's Joe Walsh. Now he's got a guy from the crowd to ride with him in it.

"Too Fast For Love." Killing it.

Chicks onstage with flamethrowers. "Kickstart My Heart."

Nikki just spit blood at some chick and she gave him the finger.

They done good.

crueprev poison june12 a.JPG

I'm older than Poison by three years. Suck it. Kids.

Bobby Dahl looks like he sells insurance now.

Bret is always telling CC to do things, like pick up his guitar or to rock us, as if he wouldn't otherwise. Like a dog.

The moms rushing the stage with iPhones to capture CC's solo are precious.

It's still weird that a year ago Bret was almost dead. EVAH ROSE HASAH THOWN.

crueprev dolls june12 a.JPG

The New York Dolls. The living ones.

New York Dolls opening with "Personality Crisis" to a sparce crowd.

"Pills"! They soar on the classics. Not on the new shit.

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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

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