Last Night: Dillinger Escape Plan At Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Matthew Keever
Dillinger Escape Plan, By the End of Tonight, Pretty Little Flower, A-dream Asleep
June 2, 2011

The Dillinger Escape Plan seem to have caused something of an glitch inside their own genre. In spite of being wildly popular, they haven't seen much press compared to the amount of admiration they receive.

The band's recently released fourth studio album, Option Paralysis, has been winning high praise and even landed them a touring gig with the Deftones. That tour came to a close about a month ago, but didn't stop in Houston.

Deftones or not, though there were plenty of fans in attendance Thursday night.

Upstairs, Fitzgerald's was peppered with people of all walks of life. There was an old biker, the kind you want to talk to because you're certain he has some amazing stories; a dozen or so high school students wearing As I Lay Dying T-shirts, all of whom awkwardly stood outside wantingly gazing at the of-age attendees who were smoking and drinking; and plenty of fans of hard rock, hard-hitting performances and, specifically, Dillinger Escape Plan. And we were all standing together, sipping our drinks below the chandelier that hangs from Fitz's roof.

You know, because we're classy and all that jazz.

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Dillinger brought the thunder. It stormed, it rained; Hell, it snowed. You read right, Houston. It snowed inside a venue. Not really, of course. But we just want to make sure that you have an idea of what those in attendance last night witnessed firsthand: DEP brought their A game, leaving the crowd sweaty, breathless and panting for more. It was punky, melodic, screamy and everything in between.

Our hearts were racing, and Aftermath isn't even big fans of this kind of music. But anyone who attended the show, however unsure they may have been as they walked inside, left with a newfound appreciation for the genre and (perhaps) its most underrated heroes.

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2706 White Oak, Houston, TX

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So Daniel Johnston DIDN'T sing for Rusted Shut that night?


A Dream Asleep kills!

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