DJ Brandi Garcia: From City Of Syrup To City Of Angels

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Photos by Marco Torres
DJ Brandi Garcia enjoying her new life in Los Angeles
During Rocks Off's recent trip to Los Angeles, we caught up with radio personality DJ Brandi Garcia, who spent five years in Houston working for 97.9 The Box before being controversially dismissed in the fallout surrounding the station's ban on local rapper Trae Tha Truth.

Rocks Off: When we last spoke to you, your career was going through a transition. How long have you been in L.A. now, and what is your role at your new radio station(s)?

Brandi Garcia: Been in LA for almost nine months now and luvin it! I'm currently at three stations: I host the "Tweet @ 12" (lunch hour request show) on 93.5 KDAY in Los Angeles and am the female voice of the station. They just added me on as a mixer for the Summer under the name "DJ B-Rocka"! I do nights (6-10 p.m.) Monday-Friday at 92.7 KREV in San Francisco, and Saturday nights (6-10pm) in Palm Springs.

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Trill Inc. Photography
As an added bonus, I also DJ a lot of functions for Nike and am endorsed by Monster Cable.

RO: How does the current hip-hop scene in LA compare to Houston?

BG: It's extremely different! It's more eclectic, more of a variety when it comes to clubs, clothings styles, and definately the music itself. The BPMs are a lot faster here! Probably the biggest similarity are the dance records that the youth are into ("Teach Me How To Dougie," etc.).

It is nice to see how there's still a Cali-Houston connection between the artists, though. A lot of them collabo together, and I know the Houston artists are out here in L.A. all the time, and vice versa.

RO: Who is your favorite West Coast rapper?

BG: Toughie! Depends on what mood I'm in musically, but if I had to choose then I would say Too $hort. Not only do I like his music but I like how he bridges the gap between the Bay, L.A. and Houston.

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B.G. was a good deejay. Stopped listening to 97.9 after she and the Kracker Nuttz left. Foul how they let them go.

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