Bill O'Reilly, Battle Rapper: The Blowhard's Illest Beefs

"I got dirt on you, doggy!"

Pac and Biggie... Nas and Jigga... Bill O'Reilly and every rapper who has had some commercial success. You can't exclude O'Reilly from battle rap, he is a heavy-hitting contender in the hip-hop arena. Remember when he insisted that people boycott Pepsi products because Ludacris endorsed it? Luda got fired the next day. Bill-O even tried to interrupt his holiness Cam'ron and Dame Dash; at least we got a pretty decent meme out of it.

O'Reilly's most recent attack was on Lupe Fiasco for claiming that President Obama - and all previous Commanders-In-Chief - are terrorists. In a matter of three days, O'Reilly called Lupe a pinhead, invited him on the show, and "debated" with him for five minutes. Of course it wasn't a true debate; not much can come from a discussion with someone who interrupted the President almost 50 times in an interview.

The issues Bill has with the rappers on his hitlist are usually either political or ethical, but the two theses he wants his viewers to remember are that "impressionable kids listen to rap" and "rappers degrade women." Rap is bad. We think it may go deeper than that for Bill, though. Here's a collection of the Fox News battle rapper's best beefs.

Lupe Fiasco: The line that ended the battle: "What you just said is fallacious-that means it's wrong." Damn, Bill.

Common: After Bill went in on Common for performing at the White House in May, Jon Stewart felt it necessary to have a sit-down discussion with him. We think Jon won this battle, although actually having Common appear on the show would have been beefier.

Nas: Bill called Nas "vile" for accusing Fox News of being a racist organization. He went on to say that very few media outlets had given Nas time, and the ones that did weren't worthy of his audience's time. Why didn't Nas get a segment on the Factor?

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You should have just posted that Cam'ron clip over and over. Legendary segment. The Dips probably had the best lines, slang and phrases in the online history of rap music. U Mad, No Homo, Goonies, Capo Status...the list is endless. THANK YOU BYRD GANG.


I hope they paid her.I enjoyed it

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