Seven White House Musical Guests Sketchier Than Common

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We've always wanted to run that photo credit.
Our man Rizoh did a fine job yesterday detailing how, despite what the Fox News brigade may think, Common is a pretty standup guy. In fact, compared to some of the other musicians who have been invited to the White House, he's practically a saint.

Conscientious citizen that we are, Rocks Off felt it was our public duty to look into the Executive Branch's long history of lax background checks when it comes to this country's top entertainers. Based on what we dug up with a few mouse clicks, we expect our own invitation to show up any day now. That Carter administration must have been one big party.


Host President: Jimmy Carter

The Red Headed Stranger, who performed at several Carter rallies during the 1976 campaign, smoked an "Austin Torpedo" on the White House roof in the waning days of the Peanut Presidency. If you haven't heard that story by now, remember, pass to the left. Puff puff give, dammit.


Host President: Jimmy Carter

Did it before Willie, with bandmates Stephen Stills and Graham Nash in 1977. In. The. Oval. Office.


Host President: Jimmy Carter

The late ex-Beatle never performed at the White House, but he and Yoko did attend Carter's inaugural ball in January 1977. Maybe he got a peek at the FBI dossier Richard Nixon kept on him while he was there.

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Mookie von Zipper
Mookie von Zipper

i remember the geto boys played for bush 41 at the white house...  scarface was all hopped up on crack...  bushwick totally sodomized barbara bush, right there in the oval office...  willie d was in the situation room calling in air strikes for the 5th ward hit squad...  i ask you, where was the outrage for all of that?...

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