Top 10 Musician Tweets About Bin Laden's Death

Last night, this member of Rocks Off was sitting at a pizza parlor off Ella when he found out that our military killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. It was a monumental moment in time, as we sat back and looked at the past decade and half of our lives, since we learned his name in 1998 with the bombing of the USS Cole, and then of course, his hand in 9/11.

So many of our friends and loved ones in the military, including even ourselves briefly, fought and trained against this man and all that he represented. As much as we made jokes ("Ozombie Bin Laden") there was an intense feeling of relief and pain in our hearts, like an era was ending that we have known longer than most anything else in our lives.

Musicians of all genres and stripes took to Twitter to air their feelings, with even Lady Gaga and Soul Coughing's Mike Doughty united in a feeling of hope and relief. Most of us chimed in with our own stories and one-liners, but above it all, it was the people who have fought and died to fight al-Qaeda and terrorism who were all on our minds.

Masses descended on Ground Zero in New York, some went to the White House, and others sat quietly in their homes, re-mourning their loved ones, but also feeling a peace at heart that they probably hadn't felt in a decade, that justice had been done.

We collected some of the best reactions by musicians in the moments and hours after the announcement of OBL's death last night. Let's all remember that the fight isn't over, and that this doesn't bring back anyone's loved ones, but it does make us feel a whole helluva lot better.

Remember to give to the veterans charity of your choice in the meantime. Those men and women and their families deserve every penny.

Wayne Coyne, The Flaming Lips:


Craig Kinsey, Sideshow Tramps:


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