Rappers Agree, Almost, That There Is A God

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them hear discussing issues relevant to
their culture.

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This Week's Panel: Slim Thug, Bun B, KAB, Trae, ESG, Lil Flip, Kyle Hubbard, Young Von, Delo, Zavey

Not Invited: Petey Pablo, because we're pretty certain he has ties to the Devil.

This Week's Prompt: Easy, but maybe difficult, question this week: Is there a God?

Slim Thug: Yes it is.

Rap Round Table: A firm answer. Follow-up: How do you know?

ST: 'Cause I know him very well.

RRT: Oh. He was, like, a silent producer on Tha Thug Show or something? That's cool.

Bun B: Of course there is. But don't ask Tyler [, the Creator].

KAB: I believe there is a God; [there's] a higher power than us.

Kyle Hubbard: I am an agnostic, which is to say I have no idea if there is a God. Obviously, the thought of no reward in the afterlife is horrible, to think when you die your just dead. For that reason I hope there is a god; I hope everyone is given some kind of peace when their run on earth is up.

At the same time, though, I find the concept of God hard to believe. Maybe not the idea of the thing all creation sprung from, but the notion of a man with a beard in the clouds who is extremely invested in each and every one of our lives. If God does exist, I am willing to bet no interpretation of him that currently exist is accurate

ESG: I hope so. If not, I've been bamboozled.

Lil Flip: Yes, yes, yes there is a God.

Delo: Yes, there is a God... how do you explain cereal that snap, crackle and pop?

Zavey: Of course there is.

Trae: Yes. Without him, nothing is possible.

Young Von: Yes, there is a God and there is Swag, and I know both.

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 esg had the realest answer and you trippin on a rapper's grammar?


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Michelle Levinson
Michelle Levinson

I love how there is one educated rapper who gives a legitimate reason to support his view. The rest of them gave one or two word responses that make them sound like bigger idiots than I previously imagined they were. Slim Thug's response is not even grammatically correct. What is going on in the Houston rap community? We need more educated rappers to teach our children that not all rappers are stupid.


 I don't think this was such a good choice of a topic for RRT. Rappers will either say "Yes" or "No" and elaborate very little on it because a true argument on the matter wont be given justice in the confines of a once a week Internet Post. There's too much to discuss "For" and "Against". At any rate. I personally Believe in God completely.


Lol the results of this are kinda predictable. Atheist rappers are very rare. And of course Bun B is gonna say "yes," since he teaches that Hip Hop and Religion class.


In fairness to the sirs that participated, most of the responses were culled from exchanges on Twitter; that explains the shortness. 

At times prior, I've spoken with each of the participants and they've all come off as thoughtful, intelligent people. It's right there in the preamble. 

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