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Musicians are weird. Well, the good ones, at least. It's a little-known, beloved factoid. While artists' news, drama, and private lives are sometimes aired to the point of over-saturation, it becomes more interesting when we learn relatively kept insight into their rockers' offstage lives.

Sure, the Prince of Darkness can command a stage and bite the head off of a bat in front of thousands of devoted, hard-rocking metalheads, but who'd have guessed he privately enjoys family time and riding four-wheelers? Thanks to The Osbournes, we now know.

While we've had time to digest some of music's hardest-rocking musicians' unlikely extracurricular activities, i.e. Alice Cooper as leisurely golfer; Steve Vai as beekeeper. We've managed to gather some additional and equally weird rock-star hobbies, including entertaining leisure activities and strange collectors' items (not ex-wives or drugs). Here are a few of our favorites.

Disclaimer: You won't see Sting on this list because a) he's not a rocker; and b) a "WTF Hobby" is only deemed "WTF" if it's discovered by the fan and not preached by the hobbyist. Because let's face it - one can only take so much Kama Sutra talk from Sting.

Marcus Roth

Musician: Bob Nastanovich
WTF Hobby: Horse Racing

The Pavement percussionist's interest in horse racing sprouted in the '90s after managing a Louisville racing stable; he evidently preferred horses to Pavement's infamous discord, which ultimately led to the band's demise. But Nastanovich didn't sit and twiddle his indie-thumbs during Pavement's ten-year hiatus; instead, he took up horse racing. That is, he gambled on the sport and dabbled in its related fields, briefly representing famous female jockey Greta Kuntzweiler. He now lives in Iowa and works for racing Web sites Equibase and the Daily Racing Form, as a statistics-cruncher and reporter.

Musician: Maynard James Keenan
WTF Hobby: Wine-making

There are many interesting attributes of the Tookl/A Perfect Circle front man; he served in the U.S. Army, studied at West Point, and sang in the glee club. He's since clearly earned his reputation as the brooding, lurking genius behind two of rock's mainstay acts. But Maynard is consistent with his Renaissance Man roots; nowadays, his unlikely hobby is winemaking. He owns Arizona-based Merkin Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars, and is a partner of Stronghold Winery. He embarks on promotional tours for his wine at stores including Whole Foods.

Musician: Billy Corgan
WTF Hobby: WWE (fandom, not actual wrestling, sadly)

The pompous Smashing Pumpkins front man has gone as far as to describe professional wrestling a "high art form." An attendee of WrestleMania, Corgan even has old-school favorites, including Baron Von Raschke, Bob Brazil, Dick the Bruiser, and The Crusher. Adding to Corgan's fast-growing list of W.T.F. moves, he recently filmed a commercial for pro wrestling:

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Jef With One F
Jef With One F

How could you miss Meg White and her taxidermy hobby?

WTF Scholar
WTF Scholar

Rob Zombie's house looks like a museum of classic sci-fi/horror movies.

Geddy's Lee's an obsessive baseball memorabilia and wine collector.

David Lee Roth keeps every toenail he has ever trimmed since he was 12 years old in a huge, specially designed, "Toe-rarium" in his rumpus room.

Neph Basedow
Neph Basedow

WTF Scholar (nice),

I know Rob's hobby, but it seems to make perfect sense-- as in, not very WTF. I think Sean Yseult collected miniature coffins too, right?I love her.

Thanks for sharing Roth's hobby; is it strange it only makes me love him more..?

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