Last Night: Master P's Birthday Party At House Of Blues

master_p and silkk may2.JPG
Photos by Marco Torres
Silkk the Shocker (left) and Master P
Master P's Birthday/No Limit Records 20th anniversary party
House of Blues
May 1, 2011

Apparently, there is a limit after all... and that limit is 20 minutes. That is exactly how long Percy Miller, aka Master P, graced us with his presence onstage last night at the House of Blues. What was billed as his birthday party and a celebration of No Limit Records' 20th anniversary proved to be a microcosm of every criticism leveled at rap shows nowadays.

The box office informed us that there were 11 openers scheduled for Sunday. Strike one. Mr. Make-Em-Say-Uhhh was set to close the show at 30 minutes past midnight. Strike two. When he finally did make it out, there were at least 50 other people onstage with him, not one of them named Mystikal.

Strike three and you're out, sir.

master_p104 may2 b.JPG
As Aftermath walked in, a group of performers from No Limit ATL were going hard and loud with the driving, bass-heavy sound that the label is known for. It motivates you to get up and punch somebody as you dance, a rough cousin of Memphis' G-walking or Bay Area hyphy dancing.

Three guys and a lady rapper were chanting "this is for the hood," and a fourth individual whose primary purpose was to bounce around the stage and shake his dreads uncontrollably. The crowd was unreceptive.

The show's special guests included Lil Flip, who was given a mike at the last minute and pushed onstage to rap one verse of "I Can Do That," as well as hometown sports heroes Vince Young and T.J. Ford.

Miss Mykie performed a fine set of songs accompanied by Papa Reu and Killa Kyleon, while Dallas Blocker tried his hardest to overcome his off-key attempt to sing his "Rock Ya Body" by wearing a No. 3 Chris Paul jersey. Propain followed up by daring us all to "Say I Won't."

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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

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