Lost '90s Songs Houston's The Zone Should Play

A few weekends back, Craig's Hlist spent his whole weekend driving around town running errands listening to 106.9 The Zone, Houston's newest "alternative gold" radio station. In those 48 hours, our entire adolescence flew into our ears, reminding us of most every good and bad moment, at least those related to radio-rock.

We are unrepentant '90s music junkies. There exists a pocket in that decade, from about the time Nirvana hit MTV until at least late 1999, permanently marked into our brain as ground zero for all that would come after.

Most things pop, rock, and hip-hop we cherish in 2011 are somehow divined from those eight years. All the music and entertainment magazines we pored over for those days, weeks, and months form a sort of bedrock in our musical knowledge, leading to what we do today.

We get the warm and fuzzies thinking about elementary, middle, and junior high, and early high school, but not so much our friends, as much as seeing the Smashing Pumpkins premiere a music video, or taping "Heart-Shaped Box" off the radio endlessly, waiting with our finger on the "REC" button.

So when a radio station came along like The Zone, touting '90s and early-'00s rock as the jump-off point for its playlist, we tuned in immediately, and soon found out that playlist wasn't as deep as we hoped.

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Jarod Frank
Jarod Frank

Haha, nice. Geggy Tah...that was one I remember the programmers were torn about adding on The Buzz...I think we finally added it in limited rotation. Same with "Scooby Snacks"...both fun songs. Need to add a little Self.


I completely agree with your playlist.

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

Yeah, I agree, a little Self would be nice. "Cannon"? Everclear Craig? Really?

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