Leslie Newman, Last Concert Cafe Fixture, Passes Away

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Word has reached Rocks Off that veteran Houston singer-songwriter Leslie Newman has succumbed to leukemia. According to sources at Last Concert Café, Newman died around 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Apparently Newman's condition worsened considerably three days ago and he had been unable to eat since.

Newman held down a regular singer-songwriter night at Last Concert Café the past few years, and was noted for his many songs with a distinct local flavor. Writing about former Oilers owner Bud Adams, Newman wrote the hilarious but telling indictment: "He's got a new approach/ He's hired Hitler for his quarterback/ And Satan for his coach."

Local music historian Dr. Roger Wood reviewed Newman's eponymous 2000 album for these pages. The songs were similar to Townes Van Zandt's work - perhaps a little too similar - but, Wood wrote, "to make a confession, the songs get better the more you listen to 'em."

"Newman's self-titled CD unceasingly emphasizes his stylistic kinship to Van Zandt. It's there in Newman's aw-shucks vocal delivery, an unschooled and wavering baritone drawl that occasionally sounds like a Van Zandt impersonation.

"Might be the old Oilers fan in you, who knows, but there's something here in Leslie Newman that works," Wood concluded. "Heck, you might even find yourself singing along to a few tunes. Call it Bayou City folk music for the 21st century."

Arrangements are pending.

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Martin E. Larsen
Martin E. Larsen

David "Leslie" Newman     was a member of St Marks United Methodist Church, was in the bell choir there .  We had his memorial service today Sunday the 22ND at 3 pm.  it was well attended by both his musical families.He picked out all the music and The hand bells played several tunes.    We will miss him greatly he was a very gentle soul.  I was honored to know him just a few years like from '97, but there is no way to measure the loss to everyone that knew him.  He passed away from Kidney Cancer, after a long fight his last few days were at his home under hospice care and was surrounded by family, 


Played with Leslie at LCC. He was a good man, good heart, gentle soul. Much love and respect to him.


David was a great guy with a quiet heart of gold and a great laugh. He'll definitely be missed.

Vernon Williams
Vernon Williams

Bummer! I used to talk to him at the Duck and Dan Electro's years ago, hadn't seen him in a long time. That's really too bad.

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