Last Night: Donald Glover & Childish Gambino At Warehouse Live

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Photos by Allison Wagoner
Donald Glover/Childish Gambino
Warehouse Live
May 3, 2011

WTF is "nerdcore"? That's what we went out to discover last night at Warehouse Live at the combination comedy and rap show performed by the same dude, Donald Glover, whose rap style as Childish Gambino has been lumped into this weird subgenre.

Glover raps, acts on NBC's Community, does stand-up, sings and, to top it all off, he's super-buff. All of this didn't really convince us, however... we'll explain the breakdown later.

First thing you need to know: Warehouse Live was packed with serious, die-hard fans: fans that told us every release he's put out since 2008 and who were wearing his "signature" red jacket. Question: Since when does a red AmApp jacket become someone's signature look?

donald may4.jpg
Anyways, Glover came to the stage promptly at 9 p.m., as advertised, to do some standup comedy. Pretty entertaining stuff; he name-dropped some celebrities and made fun of people. He "video chatted" and bantered with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and then suddenly got another call, this time from himself...from the future.

Future Donald Glover was calling him to warn him what would happen if he continued to do both rap and comedy. Present Glover left the stage and was suddenly on the big screen with Future Donald as the conference continued.

Future Donald - who had a hook for a hand and a fake 'stache - warned Present Donald that other rappers would try to copy him by combining standup and rap. Just as he was about to throw away his raps - the crowd screamed out "NO!!!!" - Future Future Donald stopped him.

Present Donald has a change of heart and decided to come running to the show as his band onstage began the crescendo to his entrance. At this point, we thought, "OK. No more Donald. No more of this guy. Too much."

So, Childish Gambino comes to the stage to a writhing audience who moved us in a current of high school counterculture. After a deafening introduction, he performed one of his most popular tracks, "Freaks and Geeks," and we watched as almost everyone in our vicinity screamed back the words.

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You don't seem to understand why nerds like him and why he can be considered a nerd even if he is buff and has a lot of sex. He also has several other themes that he explores in his songs, besides being angry at women and fucking them. For example in "I'm Alright" Donald discusses the toll his fame is taking on his health and in "The Last" he worries that his lifestyle will lead to an early death. He also contemplates suicide in "Fuck it all." His song "Untouchable" reflects his hope that all of his hard work will pay off. His songs vary widely in the subjects they talk about and the themes that are present.

Christina Uticone
Christina Uticone

I had fun at the show. This guy is a writer, first and foremost, and it shows. He's got a way with words. I'm no huge fan of rap but I love him on Community & he used to write for another of my favorite shows, 30 Rock (he gave Tina Fey a shout-out! at a rap show!) and I was sufficiently entertained.

The next day I saw that he Tweeted he was at Lucky's after the show. And I missed it. Fail!


Allison were you at the same show i was? Or do you get paid to have a different opinion as everyone else? You cant really sell anything, thats why this article is FREE. Best part of the show Bun-B?? Is it becasue you knew his name? BTW proofread your article go back and change your type-o "this time rom himself...from the future."


Forgot to mention that the song "Bitch, Look at Me Now" barely even goes into the theme that you have stumbled upon. The only references to that theme in the entire song are less than six lines. The name of the song is actually a pun and is not as crude as you think. It comes from the line that says, "That female dog is blind, well bitch look at me now." You should probably read the lyrics of that song before you claim that it is about "an ex-nerd trying to get back at some broads via having sex with them or calling them a bitch and laughing at them" because the majority of that song is not even related to that.


Typo was my fault. Thanks for reading.

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