Tha Centop Keeps His "Ear 2 Tha Streetz"

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In March, Rocks Off posted the first installment of the 2011 Houston Underground Rap Awards (second installment coming next month, by the way). In it, Tha Centop, a talented, forceful rapper who had never even had his name typed by Rocks Off, took home two awards.

Now, similar to last week, when One Hunnidt was featured, we reached over to Tha Centop to learn a little bit about his background.

Centop originally had plans on parlaying football stardom into a college degree, but an injury pushed him out of that lane. Stuck with no way to release any form of art - football, or any sport really, is absolutely an artistic endeavor, unless David Carr is at the helm - he turned to music.

He built a studio about five or so years ago and everything flowed organically from there. He currently writes, records, arranges, mixes and masters all of his own music, as well as doing the same for some of his contemporaries.

Now you're all caught up. Here are Centop's picks for his (current) five best songs, along with his own analysis of each. Our notes are in italics. You know what it is.

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"Ear 2 Tha Streetz (Jordanz Under Dickies)"

Snippet produced by DJ Kronic

This record is the intro to the DVD series we are working on. [It's] a DVD/Mixtape/Concert Series. It shows love to Houston artists before our time.

"Generational Gap" feat. Mr. PKT & Rock Show

Produced by LexZyne Productions

This record speaks on the differences of the generations before and now, how youngsters have no leaders and a misunderstanding of life. In my verse, I touch on the Chris Brown situation because I feel that his career was crucified for a mistake while R. Kelly flourished - though I don't condone domestic violence.

Has anyone ever condoned domestic violence?

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