Remember Yungstar's Throwed Yung Playa?

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Throwed Yung Playa (Straight Profit Records, 1999)

Man, remember Yungstar, the acute-voiced MC that sprung into the troposhere following his mammoth appearance in Lil Troy's hit "Wanna Be A Baller," then solidified his place in Houston hip-hop history with the anachronistic anthem "Knockin' Pictures Off Da Wall," then vanished from relevance shortly thereafter when his brand of rap fell out of favor?

His story isn't unique to rap - or music, for that matter - but that doesn't make it feel any less unfair or brutal.

Y'allmustaforgotability: 72 percent

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Best Instance of Braggadocio on the Album:

Save one or two pieces, this entire album is caked in braggadocio, be it assertions of having white tigers on leashes as house pets, an obscene amount of grain in need of being gripped, or, our personal favorite, a joint "TV with a VCR" (Lil Flip, "Grippin' Grain"). But the best, most interesting line comes from the humming, otherwise skippable "Got's 2 be Everything":

Modern_Mermaid_by_moonvisionstudio may19.jpg
"Butt naked mermaids... spittin' water... in my fountain."

You say you have mermaids? Sure, but are they butt-naked? And do they spit water? And do they live in your own personal fountain? Face, son.

Also, some loose ends worth contemplating: Why are they spitting water? Is that supposed to be sexy? Couldn't he have said they were bathing (since they're already naked and all) or making out with each other (since they're already naked and all) or just standing there (since they're naked and all)?

And how big is that fountain? Is it filled with salt water, so the mermaids can have at least a semblance of normal mermaid life? Or is it filled with something exotic, like white chocolate syrup? Where is this fountain located? He mentions later in the same verse that he lives in a castle with golden stairs, so we assume it's located somewhere in there, but that's only a guess.

What does a mermaid eat? Do mermaids have to brush their teeth? How old are these mermaids? What happens to old mermaids? Are they thrown back into the ocean? If they're released back to the ocean, do they have a hard time re-acclimating themselves to ocean life like Brooks did in The Shawshank Redemption?

Are they readily accepted back by the mermaid community? Is there a stigma that comes within having been fountainized? Do they still spit water? Can they...

This shit could go on forever.

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They should've just called that album "Yungstar & A Shitload Of Rappers" every song had at least 2 extra guests on the album. I only think Yungstar had maybe 1 track by himself


"exotic beaches with peaches / white tigers with leaches" haha.  I love the motorola mentions.


But at some point, he got sick of "Potarola" and moved up to a Primeco.... Looking back, both those companies had shitty service.

What made Yungstar so interesting to me, was the fact that he was introduced to most of us on the legendary June 27th. Sadly though, he could never top that verse- that shit is legendary. What's interesting though is how he spun that short freestyle verse into guest appearances and eventually this album.

I was not aware this was released on Straight Profit.... That's news to me.

Looking at that cover jacket, Shea you need to do a "mustaforgot" for Pen N Pixle... Some of the album work they produced should be illegal to even conceive.

Shea Serrano
Shea Serrano

My man, Geezy. Good to see you poking around. Shoot me an email. We'll trade numbers and discuss this Pen N Pixle idea of yours that I'm going to steal.

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