Gothic Council Debates Sookie Stackhouse, Yeti Porn

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Gothtopia was born as a Rocks Off staple when your humble narrator took it upon himself to seek out the ultimate vampire anthem after attending a book signing/Q&A by Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Since then we have spent every season of True Blood exploring the fantastic songs that Alan Ball uses on the soundtrack.

Well, the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel has just been released, and a new season of True Blood is right around the corner. Since Gothtopia more or less owes its existence to the vampiric works of Harris, we thought it only appropriate we allow the Gothic Council to weigh in on the Southern Vampire Mysteries once and for all.

Joining the Council this week are spooky dessertier Lynda Rouner, model Sarah Hill, Punky Moms founder Sarah Fanning, and gothic fashion designer Batty.

Lynda Rouner: The Southern Vampire was a favorite of mine years before True Blood premiered. I remember being really disappointed in 2007 when the Writers' Strike came, because the announcement about the TV series and pictures of the sets being built had been on Charlaine Harris' Web site for months.

What had also been on that website was the statement that, although the TV series would be based on the books, it would definitely be "its own entity." I thought that was a good idea because, although I love the books, print and television are two totally forms of media, and what is plausible for one is not true for the other.

Ultimately, I prefer the books to the show, but the show is still very good, and quite well written. There are, however, some things that I do prefer about the show. Tara is a much more interesting character in True Blood, as is Bill.

I also think the show is really helped by the fact that Alan Ball created the show after being a fan of the books. You can really tell this in how close some of the sets are to their descriptions in the books, particularly Sookie's house.

There is one thing that is really bad about the show, and that, of course is the absence of the vampire Elvis, Bubba. Alan Ball, if you're reading this, please bring Bubba to True Blood!

Sarah Hill: When are going to let go of the vampire crap already? I've never seen any sexy ghost novels. What the hell? I've never read about Yeti on Yeti action in books. Come on. You know you want to read about Yeti sex! All hairy and primal.

Lynda Rouner: I prefer to believe that Yetis just appear. By magic even.

Sarah Hill: Nope, they get down and dirty like the rest of us.

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