Arcade Fire On For ACL; Kanye Expected In Midnight Lineup

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Tonight at midnight, the folks at C3 Presents who book the Austin City Limits Music Festival are expected to drop the lineup in full onto the festival's official Web site. And like, duh, Rocks Off will of course be up and about to post it to the blog once it goes live. You are more than welcome to bring a can of Red Bull to the office around 11 p.m. tonight.

The organizers took another route to announce a few of the festival's under-cards by issuing scratch-off tickets to various businesses in the Austin area. If you match two bands on a ticket, you win a pair of VIP passes to the fest too. Here is a list of artists who have been confirmed through the tickets:

Arcade Fire
My Morning Jacket
Fleet Foxes
Empire Earth
Delta Spirit
J Roddy Walston & the Business
Cee-Lo Green
Empire of the Sun
Smith Westerns
Hayes Carll
Iron & Wine
Mavis Staples
The Head and the Heart

To add to the madness, on Saturday night a picture reported to be of a page in the next SPIN magazine lists Kanye West and Stevie Wonder as highlights on the bill. This sent old-school ACL concert-goers into a tizzy, not over last week's birthday boy Wonder, but the volatile West, who for some is too "urban" for the usually white-bread ACL fare.

Our own list of ACL rumors proved correct with Arcade Fire and My Morning Jacket's spots announced. We would have never picked West for ACL, and if he is truly on the final lineup, we wouldn't mind seeing him in Austin. His Coachella set was interesting, to say the leas; as for Wonder, it will be a pleasure to finally see him live.

Today, a September 15 Leon Russell was announced over at Numbers, leading us to do some forward/wishful thinking of our own. Russell released an album with Elton John, The Union, just last October, and Russell would already be a lock for an afternoon ACL slot as it is.

But how far off are we to surmise that we could see a Russell and John closing set one night of the three-day festival? John's schedule looks clean in mid-September, and he would be great closer in the spirirt of the Eagles last year. Plus, imagine the collabs that could go down with all the talent rolling around Austin that weekend.

See ya tonight at midnight. Or shortly thereafter.

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The lineup is seriously not that great.  Stevie Wonder is the best headliner, where's Aerosmith? Radiohead?  They were spreading rumors saying they were going to get the best money could buy...  This will be my 10th ACL, there have been better lineups than this one.  I'll keep blogging maybe someone will notice and agree with me.  and PS- I can tell you aren't kidding tibizwhatever...  So, we'll ignore you're little shot, and allow you to come to our wonderful city and enjoy our festivities.  Houston vs. Austin?  Get a job.  and last Kanye West seriously?  Hope he gets booed.   He is not an artist..  He's a pop-star wannabe.


 First!!!! I think Kanye West will be awesome at ACL! I'm glad I live in Houston and not Austin... For a town that says they are open minded they are the complete opposite...

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