Saturday Night: Suckafree Concert Series at The Mink

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sucker_free_04 uzoy may9.jpg
Photos by Larami Serrano
Pack It Up: UZOY
Suckafree Concert Series
The Mink
May 7, 2011

Suckafree is Houston's newest underground rap concert series, joining hasHBrown, John Dew and David Wright's One Mic, the Purple Bastard et. al.'s Turnin' Headz, H-Kane's Frontline Tour, and one or so others.

The bimonthly event that was started by Hollywood FLOSS - or, as he's also known, Everyone's Favorite Bantamweight - and T. Piper Media, with assistance from Kevin Paul. This past Saturday they had their very first show at the Mink. We went.

Some notes below:

sucker_free_07 snap may9.jpg
Snap: Older, wiser, sleepier rap.
The lineup for the inaugural Suckafree was very solid. Nearly everyone on the bill was either a) someone we'd seen perform a bit part in something else and looked interesting (for example, we saw Snoopy perform several months briefly at an open mike-style cipher and had been trying to catch him again); or b) someone we'd never seen before and were excited to, represented in this case by Snap of the Niyat, Purple Bastard, Reese and UZOY.

Unfortunately, Purple Bastard - the bearded, rail-thin, bizarro rapper - had a family emergency and understandably had to back out, and Atlanta's Reese had "flight problems," placed in quotations because his problem was that he waited too long to purchase his ticket to Houston, then decided to just not buy it when the date neared because the ticket had become too expensive on account of the short notice.

Yay, professionalism.

You know who's a real bitch? The guy who programmed the directions from Reliant Stadium to The Mink, that's who. UZOY and Tawn P are two of the city's most compelling rapping females, and we were excited to see them on the same bill. However, we ended up arriving shortly after Tawn's show because Google Maps thought it pertinent that we take a goddamn tour of Midtown. Yay, nonlinear directions. Die, dying, dead. At any rate...

Rating Suckafree's Remaining Performances, From Best to Least Best:

sucker_free_06 snoopy2 may9.jpg
Automatic Snoopy: On the radar.
First Place: Authentic Snoopy

Snoopy is a young, energetic, handsome, likeable kid. His best, most interesting song is called "Hello," a wonky (guitars, not bass), economy of sound Nuevo rap track. He performed it to great effect, despite the fact that there were only about 25 people there to see him do it. He is officially on the radar. @authenticsnoopy

Nearly First Place: UZOY, who slinked around the room cloaked in demureness before (and after) her performance, exploded on stage. The best song she did: "Pack It Up" off this year's impressive The [Def]inition. @uzoy

Third Place: The first two songs of Snap's set. Snap is an interesting person to think about - he's an older dude, and he makes rap music for people that might not know they even like rap music. When he swims around in that Sleepy Guitars And Snares aesthetic, how he started his set , he is extremely effective. (Here's his most recent tape) He was superb to start.

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The Mink - CLOSED

3718 Main, Houston, TX

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Mentula Dude
Mentula Dude

I misinformed. Metro Lounge is NOT in midtown. I repeat NOT in midtown. 914 Prairie & Main St.

Mentula Dude
Mentula Dude

Serrano, Didn't Richie Roc perform? Did you miss his set as well? I must insist that you be in attendance Thursday at Metro Lounge in Midtown or Saturday night at Mango's to catch this guy!

Joel with MENTULA GEW @mentulagewbeats

Shea Serrano
Shea Serrano

He did perform, however, he was a late addition (in place of either Purple Bastard or Reese, I presume) and was added onto the front of the bill rather than the back. I think I may be out at the show at Mango's. Chan --we recently featured him as the Artist of the Week-- will be performing that night. I'd like to see him live soon.

Thanks for the heads up.


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