AC/DC's Brian Johnson Sounds Off On Fast Cars & Fast Times

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Daniel Kramer
RO: How have the book signings been going? Being on stage for two hours having people stare at you and sitting behind a table with a pile of books for two hours is pretty different.

BJ: I tell ya, it's good, because you can actually meet the fans. I've quite enjoyed it, even though my hand was dropping off! You see such a cross section of people. I had this granny the other night and she said [Johnson affects a thick New York accent, which is pretty damn funny] "Hi. This is for my two grandsons! It's a present for them." And I thought what a lovely woman, to have the balls to get into the line and do that. But I'm about knackered!

RO: You told Howard Stern the other day that your favorite song was "Low Rider" by War.

BJ: Well, it's the best driving song of all time. I love to put that on when I drive. Try it sometime, me son!

RO: Well, since I'm in Houston, I see a lot of real low riders.

BJ: But I would never drive one of those, because it looks like you're having a pretty quick one off the wrist when you're driving with bad suspension and jumping up and down. That's not driving, that's just showing off. But it's a work of art.

RO: Do you have any particular memories about being in Houston?

BJ: Houston is always fun, ya know? Everyone has a grand time in Houston. I learned to do that dance, um, what was it called?

RO: "Cotton-Eyed Joe"?

Yeeeeah! Now I remember! And I remember all the women I danced with were like six-foot-seven and gorgeous!

RO: I saw you twice in Houston on the Black Ice tour. That and the record were so successful. Did it surprise you at this point?

BJ: Yeah, you just never expect anything. And when we got the phone call to say it was No. 1 in 32 countries...God! We all just looked at each other and couldn't believe it.

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RO: It was interesting how Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy came out at the same time, and it was a completely different story. I think it's a testament to how your fans feel about you.

BJ: Well...I don't like to speak ill of anyone. We do love our fans and respect them. You must respect them, because they spend their money on you. You can't pretend they're not there when it's time to deliver the goods.

RO: Even though you've been in the band far longer than him, you always acknowledge and pay tribute to what Bon Scott did with AC/DC. That's very gracious.

BJ: Oh, no, it's a natural fact. The guy was a genius with his lyrics and his presence. And I loved him and appreciated him before I joined the band, and I still talk to his family. He helped get that band to where they were. And his unfortunate demise it's just...he paid the price for rock and roll. We all do daft things when we're young. Some of us get away with it, some of us don't, you know?

RO: I understand you're happy with the new DVD, AC/DC Live at River Plate.

BJ: Oh yeah! We know, we never look at ourselves, but this one, I was stunned at how good it was! There's 21 cameras that recorded everything, and the Argentine audience was unbelievable.

RO: So, what's in the future for AC/DC? Is there a future?

BJ: Well, we never say never. We just get together when it feels right. There's no planning. We do what we fancy doing and off we go! Then we go out, say hello to the audience, then it's like 1-2-3-4. It's like sucking on your mommy's tit. You just fall into it! Hoo-ah!

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Mischa Yahd
Mischa Yahd

This is the best band who ever performed in the stage. They also have the best car collection. I just wish they can preserve those beautiful machines.

limo hire perth


great band ,greatguy (and the guy who wrote it is ok too.)

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