13 Lucky Songs For Friday The 13th

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Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. Unlike most Fridays, this one has gone pretty smoothly here at Rocks Off HQ, which means we must be in for a hellacious Monday. But hey, that's next week.

Our luck may be holding up - for now - but we couldn't let the occasion go by unremarked (plus a couple of blogs we had planned for today fell through), so we put together a list of some of our favorite songs that touch on the occasion in one way or another.

What's your lucky song?

Radiohead, "Lucky":

Stevie Wonder, "Superstition":

Frank Sinatra, "Luck Be a Lady":

Joe Ely, "Are You Listenin' Lucky?":

Elvis Costello: "13 Steps Lead Down":

Albert King, "Born Under a Bad Sign":

Social Distorion, "Bad Luck":

Big Star, "Thirteen":

George Jones, "I Always Get Lucky With You":

The Verve, "Lucky Man":

Britney Spears, "Lucky":

They Might Be Giants, "Lucky Ball & Chain":

John Lee Hooker, "Mr. Lucky":

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