Friday Night: The Toadies At Warehouse Live

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Marc Brubaker
The Toadies
Warehouse Live
April 15, 2011

Friday night, The Toadies took Warehouse Live's main stage in front of quite a rowdy crowd, hyping the crowd with such well-known hits as "I Come From the Water," "Backslider" and, before the evening's entertainment had ended, a reinterpretation of the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down."

In spite of all that, we found ourselves having trouble focusing on the happenings onstage. Maybe we just weren't as excited as everyone else, but by the end of the night, we had been pushed, shoved and flipped off by a considerable amount of fans.

And we're not exactly new to this whole concert-going thing.

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Onstage, meanwhile, the Toadies performed an energetic set that was geared directly toward their most die-hard fans. There were no bells, whistles or anything flashy; there wasn't even a backdrop behind the band.

Instead, the whole night was dedicated to grungy rock and roll as performed by a few native Texans, all of whom seemed quite happy to be playing a packed house in their home state.

Guitarist Clark Vogeler was the most fun to watch throughout the night. He seemed to be playing his feedback pedal in a way that the sound was stressed beyond that of an effect; he was actually playing the feedback, if that makes any sense, not unlike the guitar style that Jimi Hendrix invented and honed.

While we wouldn't compare Herbert's abilities to those of the late, great Hendrix, it was refreshing to see and hear someone utilize his instrument's capabilities to the fullest.

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Warehouse Live

813 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

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I can't help but to chime in on a couple of things. FIRST: The Rowdiness was understated in this article. It was FAR too rowdy during much of the show to really enjoy the band because of the pushing and shoving. That was unfortunate because they're one of my favorite bands. SECOND: Clark Vogeler is the lead guitarist - not Darrel Herbert hasn't been in the band since around 1996.

Awesome show, despite the rowdies... and CLARK on that controlled feedback guitar work... WOW!


True, but if Houston can claim Arcade Fire, who are Woodlands-based, I figure that Dallas can claim artists from Fort Worth.

In my opinion, at least. But yeah, you're right.


Unfortunately we can't do anything about the rowdiness of the crowd, but Clark Vogeler is the correct guitarist, and the article has been corrected.

furioso ateo
furioso ateo

That doesn't seem like a precise analogy. The Woodlands is pretty widely considered just an ex-urb of Houston, but Fort Worth is a city in its own right, it ain't D/FW for nothing.

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