The Black Lips' Favorite Garage Albums & Bands

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Zach Wolfe
In the Black Lips' recent video for "Go Out and Get It," the Atlanta garage boys are seen on a cruise ship and on some tropical beach surrounded by vacationing bikini-clad hipster gals, all messy hair and sunglasses, sipping drinks like some endless Sunday Funday.

The band will be in town tomorrow night at Fitzgerald's upstairs, with Infinite Apaches, and a new line-up of the resurrected Weird Party in the opening slots.

"Go Out and Get It" comes from the band's upcoming Arabia Mountain, which was helmed by wunderkind producer Mark Ronson, who most recently brought Duran Duran back to their mid-'80s zenith.

Ronson has worked on the breakout albums by some of the past decade's most notable female artists, like Amy Winehouse's powerhouse smash Back To Black, Adele's debut 19, and Lily Allen bow, Alright, Still. That's not even counting the re-imagining of Christina Aguilera's entire image and sound he did with 2006's Back to Basics, the only album in her catalog that is not entirely embarrassing to own.

On Arabia, Ronson gives a sunny spit-shine to the sound that the Vice Records band has cultivated since their Bomp! and In The Red days, a mash-up of delicately grimy and sweetly shambolic riffs and energy. Maybe the Lips have finally found a partner in crime, or at least a knob-twiddling enabler, because the LP will surely be on a lot of best-of lists come December.

The Lips have been on a tear since 2007's Good Bad Not Evil, jetting around the world playing shows in exotic and dangerous locales, recording with GZA, and generally being the go-to garage rock band of the last five years, the late Jay Reatard notwithstanding.

We asked guitarist and singer Cole Alexander to list some of his favorite garage rock sounds for Rocks Off, and we made a handy playlist for the occasion. Not all of the bands on his list are available on Rdio, but we embedded the songs from YouTube for you.

Enjoy, and listen to this man, for Christ's sake. He came up with some stellar shit.

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