Last Night: The Raveonettes And Tamaryn At Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Jim Bricker
The Raveonettes, Tamaryn
April 13, 2011

Oh man, did any of you go to that Tamaryn show Wednesday night at Fitzgerald's? Yeah, we think that The Raveonettes might have been there as well.

First, let's talk Tamaryn. It's a neo shoegaze/dreampop band fronted by the shaggy-haired Tamaryn, originally from New Zealand. Our little brother first put us onto the group sometime in early 2010, specifically to a song called "Mild Confusion."

We listened to their debut EP, The Waves, months after we finally wore out that song. It's a great EP; My Bloody Valentine meets Mazzy Star meets Beach House. Tamaryn's voice sounds like that of Hope Sandoval's - breathy but clear, and just a pitch lower.

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The band came to the stage and played songs from The Waves. Tamaryn's hair hung in her face like a veil in front of the microphone. Even though there was an acid-themed backdrop, the entire set made us close our eyes and sway involuntarily back and forth.

There was barely time between songs to warm up to the crowd, with the exception of a quiet, mumbled "thank you" from Tamaryn. Halfway through the set, they played "Dawning," and at that moment we had to pause and look at our brother so we could simultaneously scream out, "SHIT!!!!!!" in typical surprisingly pleased Wagoner fashion.

After the last song, the band simply walked off stage one by one without saying a word or acknowledging the crowd. We wandered around for a while after that, trying to find people who liked the performance as much as we did.

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Rave on! This show was awesome ! and for the record Tamaryn was not better than the Raveonettes :)

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