Narduwar The Human Serviette's 11 Best Interviews

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up-Nardwuar_and_Snoop april 20.jpg
Narduwar (left) and the patron saint of 4/20
Nardwuar The Human Serviette from "Vancouver BC Canada" knows all of your favorite bands, artists, and rappers better than you, and better than they know themselves. At first glance, he kind of resembles a Canadian Matthew Lesko (the free-money guy), but aside from the patriotic persona and bizarre choice of clothing, he's actually one of the best interviewers we've ever seen.

He begins all of his interviews by asking two questions: "Who are you?" and, when they answer, "From?" Throughout the course of each interview, Nardwuar will make the artist finish his sentences while referencing old records and trivia relevant to them. Most are initially caught off guard, but three minutes into it, incessantly ask him "How did you know that?!" to which he never responds.

Check out some of our favorite Nardwuar interviews below.

nard nirvana apr20.jpg
Nirvana and Courtney Love: This is part two of the three-part interview. The first part consisted mostly of Nardwuar trying to get everyone focused; not an easy task.

Tom Morello: Tom and Nard reminisce about a Baltimore show with Rage Against The Machine where he bought donuts for 350 cops who were protesting the show. Also, his mom is friends with Ice-T.

Motorhead: Fast-forward to 2:29 for the actual interview. The first two minutes is about Trader Vic's being demolished for hotel expansion...sneaky Nardy.

Daniel Johnston: OK, is it just us or are we hearing "Johnson" instead of "Johnston"? Then again, we have $7 earbuds.

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Snoop's Nardwuar interviews basically confirm the fact that he is quite possibly the coolest living human being.

Jason McElweenie
Jason McElweenie



How could you do a Narduar piece with a photo of him and Snoop and not include any of those interviews? Maybe they don't show up in my phone?

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