More Local Music News Than Half-Price Deals At Cactus

Another week, another teeming cup runneth over, full of local music news. Here's our latest installment of Magnolia City Mixtape.

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This week's soundtrack comes from Roosh Williams, whose Common Struggles of a Modern Man album just dropped. Roosh also has a video for the track "No Hard Feelings" and will be opening up the Yelawolf show at Warehouse Live tonight.

First things first - Cactus Music is offering $20 in merchandise (new and "previously loved") as part of the Houston Press' ongoing "Deal of the Day" promotion. Even better, you have all weekend to sign up.

There's a lot coming up on the calendar. At Arena Theatre tonight, the (formerly) drunken saint of country music, George Jones, strolls into the round. Meanwhile, Weird Party plays their first show since New Year's Eve when they open for Black Lips at Fitz. Finally, Ke$ha will get sleazy at Verizon this evening.

TheEnergy-releas  apr29.jpg

  • Saturday, The Energy unleash their second album, Get Split, with a show at Rudyard's. Austin's OBN III's (that's pronounced 'oh bee en threes') are on the bill, and are worth the cover on their own.
  • Holy Fiction and The Sour Notes each have sets at Cactus Music on Saturday, but the big news is that Steve Earle will be playing a set on Tuesday evening.
  • Buzzfest is back on Sunday, with Jane's Addiction headlining the daylong festival in The Woodlands. Master P also returns to Houston on Sunday.
  • Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, aka Troy Barnes from the show Community, brings his rap game to Warehouse on Tuesday. Honus Honus' and his troupe of noisemakers, Man Man, drop into Fitzgerald's.
  • Arcade Fire returns to the suburbs on Wednesday when they play in The Woodlands. Austin soundscapers Explosions In The Sky will kick off the show.
  • The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion hits Warehouse on Thursday.

Vice has a really cool video feature on Bun B, part of their Noisey series. Spend some time with it and ignore those TPS reports.

Jon Read reports that The Wiggins will have an album out on Team Science! Records this summer.

Here's a teaser for new stuff from B L A C K I E. Looks like the new album may be called True Spirit and Not Giving a Fuck.

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Ummmmmm not trying to be a dick but does anyone know or if their will be any new Ill Liad MUSIC at all....Real talk that nigga is fire and needs to come out with new music.

Marc Brubaker
Marc Brubaker

Well, I don't see how that's really a dickish question, so no worries. I'll try to find out for next week's MCM.

By the way, everyone should feel free to inquire about things like that, and I'll track down what I can.


I just did'nt want to to take away from all the other artist you know! But thanks!

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