Last Night: Kenny Chesney at Discovery Green

Photos by groovehouse
Kenny Chesney
Discovery Green
April 3, 2011

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A little before 9 p.m., Kenny Chesney took to the stage donning a tattered, straw cowboy hat and a faded, sleeveless shirt to match as the crowd went wild, spilling beer, flicking cigarettes and jumping up and down in their daisy-dukes.

With all the alcohol spilled, we're wondering what Discovery Green will look like today. Is that bad for the grass? Who knows?

For much of the show, Chesney's voice was barely audible, partly due to the fact that his microphone wasn't quite loud enough but mostly because, at least from what we could tell, his voice was a bit tired. And by that, we mean that he wasn't able to hit any of the high notes, so the evening to into one big sing-along, courtesy of the audience, which seemed to know all of Tennessee native's songs.

Maybe he was sick. Maybe his allergies were acting up. Maybe it was just an off day. Whatever the reason was, his backup singers, their harmonies and the crowd's seeming indifference to the caliber of his routine carried Chesney's performance.

That being said, the guy sure can draw a crowd and keep them happy.

His style is simple. Put more aptly, it's tried-and-true. There weren't any flashy gimmicks during his performance, and there weren't supposed to be. The entire show was centered around an old-fashioned country boy who chased a dream and who encouraged the audience to do the same.

Even we can get behind that.

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Discovery Green Conservancy

1500 McKinney, Houston, TX

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Peggy C
Peggy C

We were up front and had a blast! Kenny was in a great mood and joking and laughing all night.

I am really unhappy with the event security. We arrived early and spent our entire day waiting for the gates to open. They let us in and we grabbed spots on the rail in the center of the stage. Then HPD came and said we had to leave and go back to the date when we questioned we were told we were get the same spot. We were almost to gate and they let a bunch of other people in, we ended up 3rd row with people who arrived hours after us in front of us. We were never given an explaination.


He's hardly an "old-fashioned country boy" anymore and he couldn't hit those high notes because he fucking sucks. Fuck this guy.


I don't know what you are talking about he was awesome last night , and the sound was clear and the scenery was amazing


Saw him in North Little Rock, AR on Friday night and thought the same thing.... allergies or something else as he couldn't or didn't hit some of the notes (not that I could). He also committed to the crowd in AR about "giving a speech" before the same song. Guess it's part of the routine. Overall, great show!

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