Last Night: Hunx & His Punx At Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Jim Bricker
Hunx & His Punx
April 13, 2011

"How many of you have big dicks?" yelled Seth "Hunx" Bogart while hanging from a beam that sits atop the downstairs stage at Fitzgerald's. Everyone screamed back and/or lies "I do!" and the crowd laughs.

Bogart's band, Hunx & His Punx were about halfway through their quickish closing set at Fitz, on a bill that included locals Vivian Pikkles & the Sweethearts Uber Alles, and touring act Shannon & The Clams.

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Now, we've been a fan of Hunx & His Punx for a few months, and their set at SXSW in March was one of our favorite that week in Austin that didn't include police on horseback or pepper spray. But what we deduced last night as far as the Hunx go, is that sometimes Bogart's stage persona, the come-ons, the clothing, and the sweetly irascible banter distracts from the band behind him.

Bassist Shannon Shaw has her own band in openers The Clams, and Erin, Emily, and Michelle make up one of the best and truest garage-rock groups going, but are people watching the band for the full experience or to hear what Bogart will say next?

"Lovers Lane" from the band's recent popped Too Young To Be In Love like a lost Nuggets 45, reaffirming those John Waters references we made in our two previous pieces on the band. Hunx is a kaleidoscope version of all the classic girl-groups 50 years back, with a spin on the content, with a boy longing for the boy, instead of a bouffant hairdo warbling out longing.

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