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Coming to a county fair near you...
I'm going to hate tonight. For unlike these other liars on Idol who - to a one - claimed to have grown up in a Motown household, I really did grow up on Carole King. I have great fondness for Tapestry, which was in regular rotation when I was a kid, and have several specific memories from my early years on through college associated with many of King's songs.

So you can understand why I'm not exactly looking forward to having those pissed on liberally this evening.

All right then, I've got a sinus infection and this shit isn't going to watch itself. Let's get to it.

There's a new producer in town, and his name is Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds. I'd love to snark about this, except he's such an obvious and dramatic improvement over it wouldn't be sincere.

What is sincere is my belief that Jacob Lusk is in trouble. "Oh No Not My Baby" was far from his best performance, and his two trips the the bottom three in the last three weeks are obviously wearing. Plus, he needs to fire whoever decided to dress him as Urkel for his performance.

Jimmy Iovine introduced Lauren Alaina to his good friend Miley Cyrus while she was practicing "Where You Lead." The visit allegedly gave the youngster some much-needed confidence, but I'd wager the viewing audience was too dumbstruck by the fact Cyrus sounds like a 60-year-old with a two pack a day habit.

Meanwhile, the judges feel Lauren is sufficiently bringing it.

I assume the duets are here solely to pad the episode, as they have no bearing on the voting. Casey and Haley are up first with "I Feel the Earth Move." An apropos choice for the two remaining with the strongest classic-rock pedigrees. Frankly, this would've been stronger as a Haley solo number.

Did Seacrest really just call him "Scotty the Body?" Whose body? Ralph Macchio's?

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I can't stand Scotty or Jacob....does America really like these guys?...James is not original...we don't need Adam Lambert Lite....Casey...don't get it....he's not good...Lauren...don't get it...she's not good...Only person I can listen to is Haley...her voice is unique and with some time she could be really good....The premiere of The Voice showcased singers far better than any of these kids....bottom line...Idol sucks now....just my two cents for today.


Idolimo: what about James? you did not mention him, which to me, is the best, and even better than sooooooooooo many so-called "singers" nowadays.Scotty, if he does not go out of country music, would be very good, better than many country crooners.Lauren has a beatiful voice and a bright future (she's only 16); Hale is very sexy and with a good voice and talent on the scenary. The rest we can live without them. Amen.

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