Happy Birthday John Oates: The Pics Of His Departed Moustache

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Today is John Oates' birthday, and the Hall & Oates co-frontman is 62 years young today. The singer, along with Daryl Hall, made some of catchiest and dopiest pop-rock in the '70s and '80s, responsible for hits like "Rich Girl", "Maneater" and "Private Eyes (Clap Clap)".

As hooky and smooth as the H& O were in their heyday, nothing compares to the soup-strainer that Oates once carried under his nose and above his pie-hole for the better part of the duo's time at the top of the pop heap. It was at once roguish, playful, but always dependable.

Just like daddy's hands, Oates' moustache was soft and kind when we were cryin´ and was hard as steel when we'd done wrong. In fact at one time, the moustache was the subject of a Dave Attell-voiced cartoon series with Oates' voicing himself. It never quite got off the ground, but God knows we would have slit some throats to watch it.

So happy birthday, Mr. Oates. Come back to Houston soon, so we can gaze upon the glory that your upper lip once was, and could be again. We're sure now that the 'stache would be gray, but nonetheless endearing.


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This makes me feel embarrassed that I lived in the '80's.I mean, the alternative is worse, of course, but I'm still feeling embarrassed...Don't get me wrong - they made some great pop music.But I'm almost more embarrassed by much of '80's fashion than I am of that of the '70's, through which I also somehow lived...

Puffy hair forever,Formica

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