For 4/20: Hipgnosis' Greatest Bong Hits

scorpions lovedrive apr20.jpg
Rocks Off doesn't know if it's our Shot In the Dark photo show tomorrow or that batch of brownies someone sent us, but we've been in a really visual mood this week. We can't remember exactly what it is, but something told us today might be a good day to revisit the work of Hipgnosis.

The groundbreaking UK graphic-design collective designed dozens of album covers in the late '60s through the early '80s, most famously for Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin but for a slew of others including UFO, Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath, Styx and 10cc, all the way up until the first stirrings of hair metal with the Scorpions, Def Leppard and Rainbow.

Anyhow. We hope you enjoy staring at these covers to your bloodshot eyes' content.

10cc-deceptive Bends apr20.jpg

Al Stewart - Modern Times apr20.jpg

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furioso ateo
furioso ateo

Fuck, does this really need to be 12 separate pages?



Any day is a good day for Hipgnosis art rock covers...

But Peter Gabriel's third album (also known as "Melting Face") is the best Hipgnosis.

Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" is cool, too.


More like "Montrose - Run Away from It", am I right?

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