R.I.P.: Remembering The 27 Club - Jimi, Jim, Janis, Kurt...

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Most folks on this list, like Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix, got deservedly lionized in death, but as time and decades pass, others have been reevaluated less as geniuses and more as reckless kid. Today, original Rolling Stone Brian Jones comes off more as a petulant shit than the angel he seemed in 1969.

Drunk, Badfinger's Pete Ham hung himself, essentially because his band wasn't as successful as he wished. Odd, since even today people are buying Badfinger records. But CHL isn't here to act as suicide counselor. Some people have a limited shelf life and are not meant to last 80 years.

Thinking about how much these folks would have done as the years progressed is also a constant replaying serial in our heads. The Janis Joplin disco record, Jim Morrison's Rick Rubin-produced acoustic albums, and the Jimi Hendrix show at the Nutty Jerry's in Winnie that only 300 people would go to.

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Gaff in a Head Act
Gaff in a Head Act

Thanks for this! Never heard anyone else even acknowledge there was such a "club," altho I used to say I wanted to be a member. Now I'm crustily twice that age, and glad my membership was denied...THIS lifetime.


you are not a rock star. you are a poseur with a twitter account. get over yourself.

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