Starchy Arch's Top Six Rap Songs About Sex

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This Week's Rapper: Starchy Arch

This Week's Subject(s): The six best rap songs about sex

Rocks Off first heard about Starchy Arch on some Scooby/Yung Redd music. Arch himself recently released a mixtape, wherein more than once he references something he refers to as his "sex tales." That's why we interviewed him about this. Felt like you should know that.

Ask A Rapper: We listened to the tape. That "sex tales" thing caught our ear, and immediately made us want to ask you: What are your six favorite rap songs about sex? Go ahead and list those and we'll make that the feature. More points for more obscure selections. And you're off...

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Starchy Arch:

1. Notorious B.I.G. feat. R. Kelly, "Fuck You Tonight": As soon as this track come on it makes me automatically think back to the chicks I used to like back then. Because of that, this is a timeless classic to me. Any song that can take you back to that time in your life is a classic*.

*This seems like a reasonable assertion.

2. 5th Ward Boys, "Pussy, Weed and Alcohol": [laughs] I still play this track when I know something is about to go down with a chick. I put on this song, roll something up, fix me some Grey Goose on the rocks and you should know what happens next. If not, go download the song.

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I love these songs i think of my bf when i hear em and it makes me wanna go to his work and fuck him on his bosses desk i mean damn i get instantly wet as hell

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