William Shatner's Greatest Hits: The Man Transformed

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Rocks Off would like to wish a very happy 80th birthday to the one and only Mr. William Shatner. He may not be the best actor out there, or the best singer, but he is without a doubt the best William Shatner there ever was or ever will be. The way he has totally erased the line between sincerity and self-parody should be a lesson to every blogger who ever lived. Basically, William Shatner has chunks of guys like Chuck Norris in his stool.

When he's not hawking Priceline or pimping his CBS sitcom $h*! My Dad Says on Twitter, Shatner has of course become famous for his rather... liberal interpretations of popular songs. Rocks Off figures "Rocket Man" and "Mr. Tambourine Man" have been done to death, so we hunted and pecked around YouTube this afternoon for five more of our favorite... well, we can't even say musical moments.

Here then are five of our favorite instances of Shatner doing what he does into a microphone while music plays nearby. Our best, Bill.

shattwit head mar22.jpg

5. "It Was a Very Good Year": If you thought "Mr. Tambourine Man" was weird, get a load of Capt. Kirk's take on Sinatra's tale of dames gone by from The Mike Douglas Show in the early '70s. Whoever was in charge of the cinematography here should have won an Emmy.

shattwit wylde mar22.jpg

4. "It Hasn't Happened Yet": Shatner and his main collaborator on 2004 LP Has Been, Ben Folds, team up live for what appears to be a nervous breakdown caught on camera. It's nice to see he's still working with the woman who sang vocals on the original Star Trek theme, although she sure does look young.

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Has Been (the album) is just pretty strong all round - he and Folds know what he's capable of and structure around that.

My favorite thing in relation to that album is Henry Rollins's recollection of recording his track with Shatner - if you can find it, his description of Adrian Belew alone is worth the purchase price.


Haven't seen "$h*! My Dad Says" yet - but hear it's a riot. Shatner was great on "Boston Legal" so I beg to differ regarding his acting skills. Emmy's, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild to boot!

I absolutely LOVE his CD "Has Been" - from the expertly-guided production by Ben Folds to the lyrics (most of them), musicians and guest artists - all of which allowed Bill to really shine. When it first came out, I snatched it up and played it over and over. A very enjoyable listen, not a novelty thing like his earlier stuff.

William Shatner is in a league of his own - as a man, as a pop culture icon and as an artist. I admire the fact that he has laughed at his earlier stuff along with the rest of us but persisted in putting stuff out there that finally made the mark. Go Bill!

I wish him many more!


YES! Shatner's version of Common People is so freaking great. I was really hoping it would be number one. Thanks for not letting me down.

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Hudson Net Newswires

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Happy Birthday Captain Kirk – Here’s A Warp Drive

By Stan Stevnor

William Shatner got an unusual and unexpected surprise for his 80th birthday. In the Forum section of his web site a post appeared from MarshallBarnes that said “Happy Birthday, Capt. Kirk”. The body of the post explains that after much research and effort, a warp drive prototype will be revealed to the world and that when they’re ready for the first test with a space probe, they’ll let Shatner fly the thing out of Earth orbit via remote control. http://bit.ly/f3oe16

Though it may sound like an early April Fool’s joke, it’s not. MarshallBarnes is none other than THE Marshall Barnes, who has been credited for really developing a prototype for warp drive that has been seen by a number of scientists and others, including Ike Mgbatogu, reporter for Don King’s Call & Post newspaper, accelerating things faster than they can go under their own power. Since February, he has been aggressively beginning to promote the reality of his invention, the STDTS. A video of it accelerating a target object faster than the speed of gravity during a test dead drop, was even shown at the USA Science and Engineering Festival where NASA Kepler Mission scientist Alan Gould saw it. He was impressed enough to give Marshall his card and allow his name to be used as someone who witnessed it.

The post on Shatner’s web site includes excerpts from an upcoming science paper that deals with the issue of warp drive physics and explains where and how it went wrong – resulting in calculations that require tremendous amounts of exotic matter and negative energy. The solution, Marshall found was where no one was looking – Einstein’s unfinished Unified Field Theory. He produces documentation to prove it as well.

The note closed with, “When we’re ready, we’ll invite you to fly the probe out of the Earth’s gravitational field (via remote control of course) to guide it boldly where no man has gone before, and hopefully reaching the speed of light and beyond!

‘Til then – Live Long and Prosper,Barnes out…”


Astutely put, bibulb.

Shatner's lyrics on this CD, for the most part, are achingly true - schmaltz and all. Like a good ol' classic honky tonk song. And no one (that I know of) has put Death in it's place - and in our face - quite like Shatner's "You'll Have Time".

Folds' artful arrangements for each tune made the songs SOUND like what the lyrics were trying to convey. What a great partnership!

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