The 10 Biggest TV/Music Crossover Fails

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Kim Kardashian's release of her new single, "Jam" makes Rocks Off sick to our stomachs. It's been our philosophy that while an ass can sell a TV show or low-budget porn, it can't sell an album. You can't mute a CD and still "watch" it.

So in lieu of Kardashian's sickening attempt at a "singing" career, we've done our homework and dug up a few other actors who also fooled themselves into thinking that they could successfully cross over. Keep in mind that some of these selections are much more entertaining than the artists originally intended the songs to be.

night_rocker_by_david_hasselhoff mar14.jpg
10: David Hasselhoff, "Hooked On a Feeling": Rocks Off has a feeling that when the Hoff was conceiving this video, he might have been high on something other than just "believing." (Perhaps "PCPing" or "THCing"?) We're not sure what we like more - seeing the Hoff dressed as an Eskimo catching a fish in his mouth or flying through the air with a flock of birds and angels. Make sure to catch the montage of all the Hoffs of the world at the end.

9. Tila Tequila, "I Love You": "You better go down when you get with me, you better realize I'm what you need/ You better get here before I count to three. You better do right, I'll fuck you up!" Not even producer Lil' Jon could jump-start Houston native Tila's singing or rapping career, which consisted of more raspy screaming and lewd dancing than anything else. We vote that she sticks to low-budget porn; her most recent "leak" probably got more hits than her single and reality show combined.

album-vincent-laguardia-gambini-sings-just-for-you mar14.jpg
8. Joe Pesci, "Wiseguy": "All about respect and intellect, only mess with the woman who picks up the check/ Two supermodels, one in each arm/ One chick's brunette, the other one's blonde/ I heard their fathers had stocks and bonds, so I fucked 'em up and left them floating in a pond." It's the bitches that gitchas? Hold up, Joe Pesci, you're offending us. Why did Naomi Campbell agree to be in this video? When did Joe Pesci - mainly an Oscar-winning film star, but we're grandfathering him onto our TV list because he's hosted SNL and was the lead in the (very) short-lived '80s cop show Half Nelson - decide he wanted to pursue a rap career? Why are we just now finding out about this?

7. Leonard Nimoy, "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins": Leave it to Spock to incorporate two super-nerd subcultures into one song for the ultimate nerdgasm. We're not kidding, peep the comments underneath the video.

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Jarod Frank
Jarod Frank

Whew, with KISS at the Rodeo tomorrow, I thought this was going to be just an excuse to poke fun at one of the greatest TV movies of all time, KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park.

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