Tupac Shakur: Who Should Play Him In Upcoming Movie?

Think you've got what it takes to portray the embodiment of rap music? Let's be honest: You probably don't, but you can still throw your bandana in the ring and audition online for the starring role in an upcoming Tupac biopic.

There's no guarantee that the role will take your rap career anywhere - hell, look at Jamal "Gravy" Woolard who played Biggie in 2009's Notorious...if you can find him-but it's worth a shot.

Production for the film, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn's Finest), will begin this summer for a projected 2013 release. The role of the famous rapper is up for grabs, preferably for an "unknown." As of last week, Morgan Creek Productions is hosting its online open casting call through Skee.tv and Karmaloop.

2pacalypse mar30.jpg
Applicants will be asked to read a scene and perform their favorite Tupac song on camera. If that's you, until April 30 to sign up for acting classes and brush up on your Pac impression.

In Notorious, Anthony Mackie, who also played Eminem's nemesis in 8 Mile, played Tupac. Several Pac fans were surprised at this choice, as many felt that Mackie did not embody Shakur.

Rocks Off has taken it upon ourselves to recommend some potential rappers who might better portray Tupac. Some of them are no-names who have used the late legend's likeness to better market themselves. Others are artists who just need some work.

blachaze mar30.jpg
Blac Haze: There's been some speculation that Blac Haze is actually Tupac. There's no denying the similarities in their voices. His only album, released in 1998, was called Res-Sa-Rec-Shun with a track called "Exit Makaveli, Enter Blac Haze." We don't know where he is or whether or not he's still making music, but this dude should be considered.

freddiegibbs mar30.jpg
Freddie Gibbs: Gibbs made the 2010 "Freshman 10" list for XXL, but he hasn't had much going on since Wiz took all of the limelight to light his rolling papers. The Indiana native is the most recent rapper whose content and performances have been compared to that of Shakur's.

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tha realest should be.. look him up on facebook and myspace.. he was on Deathrow.


I think it should be an actor. The last thing an artist wants is to be compared to Tupac everytime he trys to do his own thing. No one will take him serious after portraying Pac, he will be looked at as a wanna be.


Tupac had such a strong personality... I say find an actual actor, not a rapper. If Don Cheadle was younger I think he really could have gotten into the role and embodied the kind of energy and intensity of Tupac, even though lookswise they don't have as much in common.

Kyle like.author.displayName 1 Like

Montel Williams?


Definitely not Anthony Mackie. Maybe Kobe wants to take a stab at acting since his rapping sucks ass cheeks? http://bit.ly/fbSmJb


If you can't hear the similarities between z-ro and pac, then you must not have heard ro's first album "look what you did to me." just listen to the end of the title track when he starts goin off about his "guerilla maab niggas." sounds just like pac at the beginning of thug luv.

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