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Rocks Off's regular readers presumably know by now that we love few things more than offbeat anniversaries, and recently we came across one of the oddest yet. Thirty-two years ago Monday, on Feb. 28, 1979, the "actor" who played the original Mr. Ed in the 1960s TV show passed away. Yes, we're a day late, but then again the rodeo starts today and continues for the next three weeks, so we figure we've got a little leeway.

We also live in Texas, a state where most people who don't live here think we still ride horses to work. (Sorry to disappoint, y'all.) Here, then, are five of our favorite songs about our equine companions.

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5. America, "A Horse With No Name": Yes, the desert folk-rock trio's 1972 hit is generally regarded as one of the most blatant Neil Young ripoffs ever recorded, which is true. But the fact that the song went to No. 1 and remains almost inescapable 40 years later is itself testament to the impact Shakey's acoustic side has had. Right, Band of Horses?

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4. Ginuwine, "Pony": This 1996 bit of R&B raunch did things with a Vocoder that would be illegal in most animal-porn films. Thanks, Timbaland!

pontiac mar1.jpg
3. Lyle Lovett, "If I Had a Boat": Lyle Lovett is almost as accomplished a horse breeder as he is a songwriter, so it's no surprise a pony figures prominently in this chimy tune from 1988's Pontiac, even if Rocks Off could never figure out why he wants to take a horse out on his boat in the first place. Best line: "But Tonto he was smarter, and one day said kemo sabe/ Kiss my ass I bought a boat, I'm going out to sea"

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Totally missing Willie Nelson - "A Horse Called Music."


Ween - Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?


Wild Horses?!? Chestnut Mare!?! Hello?


1. Horses by Mayo Thompson (local!)2. Goodbye Horses by Q Lazarus


My Top 5 (because I don't have my own blog, and my Twitter followers likely don't care);

-Appaloosa, Gino Vanelli (GINO VANELLI!)

-Black Horse & The Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall (I have no idea what this song's about, but the hook brings me back.)

-Let That Pony Run, Pam Tillis (for some reason, I feel Hlavaty will agree with me here.)

-Wild Horses, Garth Brooks (This is where you could really see Garth Brooks was destined to leave his wife one day, despite how happy they seemed in the 90s. I'm just sayin.)

-Widfire, MMM (It's the horsiest song that ever horsed.)


Nice list, Lauren... check again ;)

I expect to hear from the Parsons/Stones delegation any minute now.

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