SXSW: Hunx Shows Off His Junk At Red 7

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Craig Hlavaty
It's a proud day when we can write a headline like that, especially for a band as fun as Hunx & His Punx, who played a cherry mid-evening set as Red 7 on Saturday night. During a SXSW that has seen us walk out of many venues after hearing way too many Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective also-rans, we actually stayed attentive for H&HP.

The Oakland, California band is like a trashy imaginary John Waters movie come to life, with sassy lead singer Seth "Hunx" Bogart singing songs about cruising, crushing, and carousing with the help of a three-piece all-girl band while he wears pantyhose over stripper panties. It's fun stuff, especially when the girls chime in with those demented doo-wop vocals behind their broken-hearted garage punk.

Craig Hlavaty
The band will be playing a free show in Houston at Fitzgerald's with locals Vivian Pikkles & The Sweethearts Uber Alles on April 13. That's the same night as Robert Ellis & The Boys, plus the Raveonettes and Tamaryn upstairs.



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