SXSW Fashion: WTF Animal Hats?

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animal hats.jpg
Craig Hlavaty
It's almost 90 degrees here in Austin and kids of all ages are wearing these hats and models just like them all over town. These top out at around $150, according to the booth at the convention center selling them.

They cannot be terribly comfortable to wear, with the fake fur rubbing off onto your sweaty skin, or the fact that they are fucking creepy. The folks at DC9 At Night were kind enough to include them on their handy SXSW bingo sheet too.

Oh well, what the men don't know, the little girls understand, or something to that effect. Did I mention that I am currently wearing a slap bracelet? Truth be told I would wear an animal hat if it was made of a real animal. I never said I was a role model.

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