Last Night: Scott Stapp At House Of Blues

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Scott Stapp
House of Blues
March 29, 2011

We all knew coming into this what would happen. It was going to be a show for the fans, not the smirking cynics. Fair enough.

A Scott Stapp solo acoustic show is what it was billed as, but it was really a quasi-electrified solo Scott Stapp show, with an electric bass. So for the folks following at home, let's just term it as an solo Stapp gig away from Creed.

The fun thing about Stapp is that he is aggressively happy with his material, as he should be, which makes watching him sort of soothing. He's sold 35 million copies with the stuff that he, Mark Tremonti and the gang have concocted now for almost 15 years.

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It's a working formula that tugs at his fanbase's heartstrings. Everyone else either flees in terror for their mortal lives, or sticks around to bellow along like we did and shrug off our pretenses.

What? It's fun to sing along to. Aftermath really doesn't think we are in our own prison, and our arms are usually folded or attached to a cellphone rather than wide open. There, it's been admitted. We sang along, but only because it was easy.

Stapp embarked on this solo tour while the rest of Creed went off to record and tour with another lead singer as Alter Bridge, which has to be a kick in the pants to Stapp since Creed only reunited back in the summer of 2009 for a big tour. It's like getting back with your ex-girlfriend and letting her screw the guy she dated while you were broken up as long as you can see other people.

But if it works in the Creed camp, so be it.

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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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