The Seven Most Memorable Rap Beatdowns

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Remember when T.I. was running around calling himself the King of the South? Well, one version of the story has it that Flip publicly stated that T.I. wasn't even King of ATL. In Flip's opinion, Scarface, not T.I., was the true King of Southern rap. This was clearly a violation of the Rap Truce Agreement, which clearly states that "a rapper must not publicly express an opinion on another rapper unless such opinion includes warm thoughts and affectionate phrases."

The feud grew worse when T.I. visited Cloverburger in Lil Flip's southside Houston neighborhood in 2005, and a fight broke out between members of both rappers' entourage. Supposedly, there's a video of the incident somewhere. If you have it, please send us an email.


No one knows exactly how this one started, but Saigon and Prodigy spent much of 2007 exchanging insults on wax. When P and his Mobb Deep crew finally saw Saigon performing at a party, they immediately rushed the stage. Spotting the goons, Saigon dropped his mike and dipped.

But he didn't walk out of the venue untouched. A video of the incident that later surfaced on YouTube shows Saigon catching some hits to the face while landing a few of his own. Prodigy and his soldiers chased Saigon all the way out of the club. Sai, who was clearly outnumbered, eventually fled in a car.

Saigon later gave a play-by-play of the incident in a MySpace entry titled "I Finally Got Prodigy."

I know you all are seeing this YouTube video of like 25 Mobb Deep niggaz chasing me out the club...And helll fucking yeah I dipped up up out of there untouched....But that was after I snuffed little punk ass Prodigy...They can edit it and lie all they want but , But when you hear the nigga say 'Oh' the first time is when I rock him... right before you see my man rock him, the second time is when my man rocks him...

I rocked him first, thats what makes the kid with the red hat try to get at me and got everybody hype. Why didnt they slow down that part? If you notice I punch Prodigy right into my mans hands...And fuck yeah I got up outta there...Them niggaz was 30 deep and I went to their party, grab the mic, did my song and punched Prodigy in his face.

Pure comedy.


lench mob-dedica mar24.jpg
The 1990 New Music Seminar was marked by a violent exchange between Ice Cube's Lench Mob crew and Eazy-E's Above the Law. The two sides squared off in what Spin magazine later dubbed a "face-smashing, table-throwing brawl." The fight happened right before the event-concluding rap panel and nearly jeopardized hip-hop's place at the seminar.

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I didn't know 'Above The Law' belonged to or were closely affiliated with Eazy-E.


This is such tired shit, the Voice passing off college-newspaper trife shit as news. Bring back Wayne Barrett, and all the rest, and you won't suck so hard.

Chris D
Chris D

1992...KRS-One's onstage ass whoopin of Prince B from P.M. Dawn...


lol, "Rappers" are idiots. You can take the homey out of the hood, but you will never take the hood out of the homey!

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