Music World Starts New R&B Live Concert Series Tonight

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Music World Entertainment
Beginning tonight, Houston-based gospel and R&B record label Music World Entertainment will host a concert series every Wednesday called R&B Live at the House of Deréon Media Center. Conceived by Mathew Knowles, founder of MWE and father of Beyonce, the project will showcase local Houston artists - both signed and unsigned - and a few out-of-town R&B acts.

"I always envisioned that our center would become the premier place in Houston to showcase live acts," Knowles said in a recent press release.

"We've hosted private parties and cultural events at the center, but this takes us to a whole other level. We invite the best and those who want to be the best to come here."

Last month, Knowles was also appointed to the Gospel Music Association's Board of Directors. He founded Music World Entertainment in 2003 and has since produced artists like Destiny's Child and each solo member, From Above and daughter Solange.

This week he officially introduced a new, state-of-the-art recording studio to make MWE an "all-inclusive locale for artists to realize their musical journey from writing, recording, showcasing and touring."

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Opening the 10-week series will be Chicago R&B singer Carl Thomas, best known for his hit song "I Wish." Thomas is also set to host and headline the event next Wednesday.

House of Deréon Media Center and Music World Studios director Alicia Allen says she's excited about the opportunities that R&B Live will present to rising artists and local acts.

"We have always mostly done private events at The House of Deréon Media Center, so opening it up to the public for this first 10-week R&B Live Concert Series is very exciting," says Allen.

While the first installment of R&B Live will be exactly what the series' name entails, Allen foresees MWE eventually collaborating with other genres. "This series will be strictly R&B," she says. "After the success, we plan to do branded concert series events across other genres."

With all of the connections and accomplishments of Knowles and MWE, attendees can expect to see a broad range of new talent as well as some additional distinguished guest appearances and cameos.

"[There will be] surprise artists and guests and well-known national acts, providing the opportunity for up-and-coming artists to showcase their music," says Allen. "With the help of the house band, Smash Band with Anzeo and Mike the Drummer and DJ Good Grief, we will be giving our patrons the chance to come be treated like a VIP and enjoy live music."

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The House of Dereon Media Center

2204 Crawford St., Houston, TX

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