Kirko Bangz Debuts New Mixtape, Makes Women Excited

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Bun B (left) and Tuesday's guest of honor
Kirko Bangz is, at the moment, the most commercially viable option within the New Houston Collective. Tuesday night, he released his DJ Drama cosigned mixtape, Procrastination Kills 3, and hosted a mixer at SF2 to celebrate.

They handed out free copies of the tape while he chatted up everyone and posed for pictures with whoever could wiggle their way up to his table and ask for one. The tape played the entire time. We took some notes on both.

Notes about the album are preempted with "#AlbumNotes" and notes about the mixer are preempted with "#MixerNotes." You likely could've figured that out even if we hadn't told you. Ah well.

Here we go:

#AlbumNotes PK3 is easily the most professional, well packaged product that Kirko has released. He's come a ways from uploading grainy videos of himself freestyling to his computer monitor, and that's been neat to watch. Given the relative newness of his career and the readiness of the Internet, one can easily connect the dots from his rap genesis to today if you've missed his rise thus far, and that is a lot of cool and a little startling.

#MixerNotes It took all of about nine seconds to figure out why it is that everyone who meets Bangz swoons over him. The very first thing he said to the packed, packed, packed room: "Ay, it's Kirko back here. You can't see me; I'm the little guy. I was scared and shit to come over here because my partner told me there wasn't nobody here, so I was hanging out behind Taco Cabana for like an hour. Thanks for coming out." Wins.

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#AlbumNotes To date, Kirko's most well known song is his "What Yo Name Iz," a big radio effort that's more catchy than it should be. It's on the tape, but it's hardly the blueprint. There seems to be a clear "I Can Do More Than That"-iness subtext. And he mostly succeeds in that idea. He goes absolutely yo-yo on his redub of Travis Porter's "Make It Rain," easily the most fun, most auspicious track on the tape.

He proves to be an adept storyteller on the cathartic "Doing Fine." And he utilizes the occasional saxophone or flute flutter just because. It will not revolutionize the dynamics of a mixtape -it's fairly traditional in that regard--but it will help alter your idea of what he is and what he plans to do.

#MixerNotes Did you know that if you get an edge-up, you now have the option to make your hairline darker (which makes the shape more distinct) by, essentially, having the barber spray paint your hair? Because that's an actual thing. And that shit looks just as ridiculous as it sounds.

#MixerNotes They were passing bottles of Ciroc and red plastic cups around so people could drink, which is never a bad idea.

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