Killa Kyleon's Epic T-Shirt, Mixtape & Video Party: A Report

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Photos by Larami Culbertson
Saturday afternoon Killa Kyleon, who just started up a new team he calls Team Run It!, hosted a release party for his new "Don't Mess With Killa" T-shirt that turned into a mixtape listening party that turned into a video shoot at Check Other Outfitters.

Rocks Off went, hung out for some time, lifted a copy of Killa's most recent tape, Candy Paint and Texas Plates, watched them shoot a video, then wrote down some words. Notes related to the tape will be preempted with "#TapeNotes" and notes related to the mixer will be preempted with "#MixerNotes." Mali-booyah.

#MixerNotes Among the more interesting things that Killa addressed at the mixer were a) his new tape is already finished, and includes features from Scarface(!), Devin the Dude(!), Miss Mykie and more; and b) he used to be, and possibly still is, a graffiti artist. Some of his work actually ended up at DJ Screw's house before he passed.

Never knew that about him. That's cool.

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#TapeNotes Killa has long been known as a hijacker of beats. Candy Paint sees him steal songs from Wayne, Travis Porter and more, as well as make a 2011 adaptation of "25 Lighters."

#MixerNotes Um, if your shirt has a zipper anywhere on it, you're doing it wrong.

#TapeNotes This tape isn't as invigorating as his Natural Born Killa, which ranked among last year's best Houston efforts (part two is on the way, by the way), but it's enough to keep you satiated.

He shines on his redo of "Bill Gates" and his "Swang Real Wide" duet with Roel Osteen (both songs you've likely heard elsewhere), and is still better than most on tracks where he rates as average when measured against his own best work. Newcomers will likely not be won over, but existing fans will not be turned off.

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Check Other Outfitters

2507 Bagby St., Houston, TX

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Get Right Music
Get Right Music

Killa Kyleon has been catching a great buzz lately online. I'm very curious to see how his career pans out. His mixtapes are all great releases so far. Thanks. We have most of his mixtapes posted on Get Right Music.


thank you and your wife for coming out to check other outfitters boutique

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