Kenny Chesney Joining Final Four Concert Series... Maybe

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Bryan Williams
Kenny Chesney at RodeoHouston, March 2010
CultureMap thinks it has a "scoop" for you. According to Houston's glossiest lifestyle Web site, barefoot beach-lover Kenny Chesney "appears to be" coming to join Kings of Leon at the NCAA's "Big Dance" concert series the weekend of April 2-4.

CM's Chris Baldwin reports that although nothing official has been announced, "several sources" - none of whom are named, which some of us journalists call a "giant red flag" - are claiming the country star behind "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" and "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems" will play Discovery Green (or somewhere nearby) Sunday, April 3.

Kings of Leon have already been announced - and confirmed - for the afternoon of April 2.

Anonymous sources aside, Baldwin goes into a lengthy self-congratulatory explanation of the "sleuthing" that led CultureMap to deduce that Chesney will be here. It basically boils down to two things:

a) Chesney is not on the list of entertainers scheduled to play the Academy of Country Music awards in Las Vegas that day, but CBS is airing the awards and Chesney is nominated for several; and

b) He is scheduled to play Tulsa ("a quick hop to the Bayou City") the day before the projected Discovery Green show.

Chesney is also booked to play three dates in the Northeast a week after Tulsa, so who knows? Maine and Connecticut are also "a quick hop" by plane from Nashville. Chesney is booked at Arlington's Cowboys Stadium April 16.

Meanwhile, sources such as Houston's KHOU, which broke the Kings of Leon item last week - it helps that they're the local CBS affiliate - the NCAA's Big Dance Web site itself and Pollstar are all mute on the situation as of yet. Rocks Off's digital TV at home does not pick up Channel 11, so we have no idea if CBS is using any of Chesney's songs in its March Madness promo campaign. If they are, he's probably coming.

So if CultureMap did get it right and Chesney is playing, congrats. If not, oops. Rocks Off is not going to lose any sleep about it one way or the other. We'll wait to see what CBS says about the whole thing.

Besides, as far as we're concerned, the less said about Chesney, the better.

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Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin

Thanks for reading. FYI, Chesney is playing Tulsa the night before his Big Dance Discovery Green appearance not two nights before as mentioned in your piece. And we'll stand by these sources — maybe they're anonymous exactly because CBS wanted to break all the Big Dance Concert Series news.

Also as the CultureMap article mentions, Chesney will be playing at night not during the afternoon of April 3 as your piece states. The plan calls for his Houston performance to be shown during the CBS broadcast of the Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday night. If you'll note on the official Big Dance Concert Series website that's the source of Houston Press news, the April 3 Concert Series event lasts until 10:30 p.m. central time.

Finally, it was disappointing to see that you weren't actually making a Stephen Baldwin reference when you initially had that as my name. Come on, the guy can't rely on suing Kevin Costner to stay in the news forever.

Thanks again for taking the time to read the story. And keep waiting for that official announcement from CBS.

- Chris


Touche on the name, which as you noted is fixed. Tried to work a Bio-Dome reference into the article but couldn't quite suss it out. As for the time, technically there is no time (now fixed as well) because technically there is no show. Yet.


p.s. thanks for reading us as well.

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