Gothic Council Debates Possible Sandman TV Series

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Now that we've finally seen something as difficult as Alan Moore's Watchmen turned into a decent, if not groundbreaking, film, the question on many comic fans' minds is whether or not the long-awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman may finally happen.

The past month has been a slew of conflicting reports on a possible television version directed by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. First it was on, then it was off, then DC Comics spokesman Geoff Johns announced via Twitter that it was on.

Gaiman himself weighed in recently that the rights to the work haven't even been optioned that he knows of, though he's certainly open to anyone who could do the vast and complex 10-volume comic justice.

Personally, Gothtopia has our doubts it can be done. There are few battles, it's definitely R-rated, and the comic primarily deals with the lead character's exploration of the nature of faith and change. However, we decided to open the floor to other learned peers. So, by eating the set list Peter Murphy left behind two weeks ago, we summoned The Gothic Council!

Joining the Council this week is Punky Moms founder Sarah Fanning; blogger, derby girl, and hearse enthusiast Desiree Stark; author and fashion designer Carmilla Voiez; and Asmodeus X singer Paul Fredric.

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Gothtopia: Do you really believe they can make a Sandman TV series?

Sarah Fanning: It depends. Will Gaiman be directly involved? If so, I think it could be a very good thing. Look at Joss Whedon's shows. If not, then I shudder at the thought of what drivel it may be...

Carmilla Voiez: I'm not entirely confident with my knowledge of graphic novels and their adaptions onto the big and small screen. I've done a little reading around the subject now and some say Gaiman is involved. However, my understanding is that didn't stop Neverwhere being a bit pants.

Gothtopia: A note to our readers. Carmilla is British. We will translate as needed. She is saying that Neverwhere was not as exceptional as it could have been despite Gaiman's involvement.

Carmilla Voiez: The worry, I guess, is that if it is awful people will be discouraged from discovering the stories in graphic novel form. Personally, I think that would be a shame. It will be interesting to see what happens as it looks fairly certain to go ahead eventually.

Desiree Stark: I'm distracted by the fact that a Chief Creative Officer for DC is making press releases on Twitter. It's a bad portent when the resources committed to the project are only 140 characters - or less.

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