Never Mind SXSW, Says Promoting Machine Eric Dean

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To say that Eric Dean is having a busy week is putting it mildly. Such is the life of a promoter, especially with the influx of touring artists that hit Houston in March due to SXSW.

Dean's calendar is packed with music at the moment, including a free punk show at Mango's tonight as well as assisting with the Crème De La Crème shindig at House of Blues, which is free with RSVP. Monday, Young Empires headlines another free show at Mango's.

On top of that, Dean is fueling his penchant for large shows like the sprawling Main Street Block Party that was a big hit in January by involving himself in more. There's "The Future In Stereo" at Stereo Live Thursday, and he also collaborated with Jason Smith to put together the Spring Forward Music Festival at Groundhall Saturday.

Then comes the Japanther show on Wednesday, which has spiraled into a three-stage event at Mango's and AvantGarden. "That turned into like a mini block party, which is crazy," says Dean.

"It's fun, I'm into it," he adds with an audible grin. "I think there's room in Houston to do more festivals, more fun stuff, because there's people that want to come out all day to hang out."

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In addition to keeping things fun, Dean knows the power of making them affordable. Several of his shows this week are free with an advance RSVP, and only $8 without it. Both The Future In Stereo and Spring Forward have $10 pre-sale tickets (or $12 and $15 at the door, respectively), and abundant drink specials.

Stereo Live's been looking to break into the indie-rock and hip-hop scene for a bit. Rocks Off spoke with the owners on the phone a while back, and they raved about the three-stage complex with full audio and lighting rigs.

"They're kinda gonna be made for big events, fun events," hypothesizes Dean, adding "they have a beautiful stage."

He also explains that the venue has been pigeonholed into the DJ set, partly due to the location's legacy (6400 Club and many others) and partially because, Dean says, it's "one of those things where they've just been sticking to what they know, but they want a little bit of everything, and I think they're really sincere about it."

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Thanks for the update! Do you know when he will be performing again! Robsays!


What happen to ill liad he was suppose to be on these bills. Also i heard that all of his shows are cancelled does any one know if this is true and why....Thanks Rob!

Jason Smith
Jason Smith

I don't know, but we have added Zeale, hip-hop artist from Austin to take the time slot. So it's pretty much hip-hop and Tax the Wolf from 10pm - 2am on the Echo/Jet Lounge stage.

Jason Smith
Jason Smith

Yes, sorry, he has a personal matter to deal with.

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